Day: August 14, 2015

Daddy’s last ride

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When I awoke this morning, I walked outside and breathed in the fresh country air, looked up at the beautiful blue sky and listened to a bird sing its morning song.  What an absolutely gorgeous day! It felt like the kind of day Daddy would want to pack up a picnic and head into the mountains for a drive.

I went over to the church to help my sister set up for the viewing and funeral. We displayed various pictures of our handsome Dad, and also of our family over the years. It has been such a grand adventure thus far.


The Harley brothers arrived with their glass hearse pulled by a beautiful big bike. The people from the Harley Davidson Dealership here in Idaho Falls are so amazing. They are so caring and thoughtful and sent the most beautiful big bouquet in orange and white flowers – Harley colors.


There is such a bond between the riders, and they love my Dad so much. It was so touching to see these big men dressed in leather chaps, braids hanging from thick beards, vests covered in Harley logos and their riding accomplishments, come over to hug us and offer condolences with teary eyes and sweet memories to share. Then they’d stand at the casket and gently lean down and kiss Daddy’s head. Closing the casket was hard to do, as I realized it was the final good bye.

The funeral was wonderful. Jan read the life sketch with Bernadine and I standing at his side, then I spoke, as well as Kjira and Hunter and Bernadine.  All the grandchildren sang some of Daddy’s favorite songs.

We walked outside where the grandsons carried the casket and placed it into the glass hearse.

IMG_1441     IMG_1447 IMG_1453

Jan rode Daddy’s bike up front.


Followed by Daddy.  Then came Danny. At the last minute I hiked up my dress and jumped on with Danny, high heels and all. I’m sure that put a smile on Daddy’s face!  All the riders followed behind and everyone revved their engines with that deep Harley rumble that gives me goosebumps. We all rode down the road, made a loop onto the main road, came past the house, the church where everyone was waiting in their cars and on foot to follow, and down the road into the cemetery.

IMG_1470      IMG_1472

FullSizeRender-179      IMG_1477

We had the graveside service and then each placed flowers on the casket before it was lowered down into it’s vault in the earth.

IMG_1480      IMG_1488 IMG_1487      IMG_1484

So much love surrounded us all, as we conversed about the wonderful man Daddy is. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from wonderful parents who stand tall in their values and beliefs. Their character based on integrity, faith and love has and continues to touch so many lives.  I will strive to live my life in a way that reflects our amazing parents teachings and examples, and i am so grateful for another day of life to do that in.