Playing nurse

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This morning when we awoke, Danny had no voice and had a very sore throat. It started a couple of days ago and because of his prior bout with Epiglottitis, we have to get him on antibiotics immediately. Yesterday I got him some and hopefully they will take effect soon. I spent my day taking care of Danny and Jan, while everyone else went to the wedding. This is where I needed to be and wanted to be…taking care of my sweet boys. I’m getting really good at giving Jan his shots, and have several alarms set on my phone – day and night, that keep me on schedule with giving him his oral meds too. I love taking care of them.

When it was time, we carefully loaded the heavy wedding cake into the car onto my lap, and Danny, Jan and I drove to where the reception was to be held.  Joseph and Jori looked wonderful and we got the cake set up in one piece.


They loved it.


We sat and conversed with the many people there and enjoyed the happy atmosphere. I got to hold my beautiful little great niece for quite a while, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

DSC_0034      IMG_1511


The drive home was beautiful as we watched the colors in the sky change the deeper the sun sank below the horizon.


I am grateful for the close of another day. I miss my creatures in Panama, and can’t wait to see them, but am so glad that I am here right now.  Mommy is doing so well and is so strong, but I know that having us here is great comfort to her. Life is good, and families are such a priceless gift.

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