Trip to the ER

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Last night was a long night for Danny and I – especially Danny. His throat continued to swell shut and became extremely painful and congested, leaving him coughing profusely and unable to swallow.  We recognize these as part of the prerequisites that lead him to being so ill and hospitalized with Epiglottitis like he was in March, so I talked him into letting me take him to the ER.

I made sure Jan was all medicated and explained to my Mom what meds he’d need at what times, and took Danny in.

IMG_1527 IMG_1528 IMG_1529

He looks adorable in a hospital gown!!! They took a CT scan of his throat and drew blood, as well as gave him a vile tasting steroid to drink. Before we knew it he had ripped right through his hospital gown as his muscles bulged even beyond the massive size they already are! At that point I knew it was true…he really is The Hulk!

The CT scan came back showing no Epiglottitis yet and the doc said the steroid would help immensely and also to remain on the antibiotics he’s taking. We are so grateful that we caught it in time and that we were able to come home and not have to take up residence in a hospital room again.  I got Danny home and back in bed, and went to check on my other patient. He was lying down and wide awake so I asked him if he’d like to go sit by Daddy’s grave for a while.


We sat for some time, hand in hand, and listened to a recording of Daddy’s voice that I have on my phone. We both cried and sat in silence. Neither of us needed to say anything because we both knew and understood completely what the other was feeling. A short while later we heard footsteps and turned to see our beautiful mother coming down the dirt road toward us. She was already filled with overwhelming grief and I went to her and helped her to us. We sat down in the dirt and I held her while she sobbed. The gut wrenching cries of a wife who so desperately misses the love of her life, her best friend and dearest Sweetheart. My heart ached for her as she sobbed in my arms and I knew there was absolutely nothing I could say that would make the pain go away – for either of us. We sat there as the sun slowly lowered in the sky, casting a warm golden glow over the earth around us, and we knew it was finally time to go back home.


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