Day: August 22, 2015

A beautiful day

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Early hours of the morning when it was still dark outside, I went in to check  on Jan, kissed his head and pulled the covers up over him, then went and stood outside and gazed up at the star filled sky. It was spectacular. The stars were displayed beautifully against a rich dark blue sky. Orion stood proudly over me and the seven sisters huddled in their gossiping group, while the big dipper arched, scooping up the atmosphere. I breathed deep and told daddy I love him, then returned to my sleeping Sweetheart in our warm bed.

This morning our dear friend, Debbie, came over and helped Jan fill out paperwork, while Mommy was hit with a cleaning bug and scrubbed out the fridge and pantry. Later we took her into town for an MRI on her shoulder.  Three months ago she had her rotator cuff operated on and it is still so weak and causes her discomfort.  Her doctor wanted to make sure that when she caught Daddy to stop him from falling on several occasions, she didn’t mess something up inside again.

IMG_1558    IMG_1559   IMG_1561

The middle image shows a scan of her shoulder, and the third image shows how they stuck a huge needle deep inside her shoulder, and injected dye in preparation for the MRI. I felt so bad for her because it was so painful. We should have the results early next week.

My nephew, Jacob, got married in Oregon today.

IMG_1555    FullSizeRender-189

He and his beautiful bride, Michelle, were surrounded by family and friends to celebrate and we were there in spirit. Bernadine (my sister), has been loving her time by the ocean and among the huge trees.

Our sister, Lisa, had her neck fused today.


We visited with her up at the hospital and decided that we’d all put on hospital gowns and go streaking through the halls just for fun….but we didn’t. Next time.

Our ex sister in law, Teri, has been kind enough to organize a bike rally on September 12th in honor of my brother, to raise money for his medical costs. All riders will pay a $10 entry fee, and she’s also set up an account with Cypress Credit Union under the name of Jannie Nel, for donations. 280830 is the account number, and their phone number is 801 260 7600 if you’re interested. The facebook page is ‘Bike Rally & Fundraiser for Jannie Nel.’

Jan has had so many people reach out to him with love and concern, some that he hasn’t heard from for some time, as well as those he regularly rubs shoulders with. He is a very loved man – but I knew that.

We are so excited for tomorrow. Our creatures will be flying from Panama to join us here in Idaho. They have been very busy prepping the boat, scrubbing, stowing and eating all perishables! They will leave Red Frog Marina on the water taxi early in the morning for the airport, and will eventually arrive in Salt Lake City late tomorrow night.  We have missed them so much and can’t wait to see them. Jan, Danny and I will travel to Salt Lake in the morning and pick up the Harley and the Excursion and use them for transportation here in Idaho. As well as try to sell them.

I am so grateful for another beautiful day of life.  Another day in which I could love, serve and learn.