2 down, 8 to go!!!

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It’s been another eventful day in Idaho!

Our morning began with us hurrying over to the hospital, to be with Mommy who was admitted last night. Bernadine had been so sweet to spend the night with her, and I’m so grateful she did, because this morning mommy had another of her episodes where she couldn’t breathe.  Bernadine was there to call the nurse and get things under control again. The ER Doc decided that the CT scan done last night, showed that she had had a stroke.


We spent the day up in her room with her, talking, joking and entertaining each other while mommy slept on and off.

When it was time, Danny and I took Jan in for his 2nd radiation treatment, and all went well.


The door leading back into where radiation is performed, is about a foot thick.


The techs had Jan lie down on his fancy super hero bed while they placed his ninja mask over his face, then bolted it down to the table so he couldn’t move a millimeter.

IMG_1616    IMG_1615

IMG_1619     IMG_1618

We all went and stood in another room and watched on a couple computers as the huge satellite looking machine orbited his head.


It sends it’s fancy nonsense into his entire head, except for face. Before we knew it, it was over and we went back in and helped Jan stand up and we said our thank you and good bye’s till tomorrow.

So far Jan has felt no side effects at all. He was a little nauseous today, but we aren’t certain that it’s from radiation.  It could simply be from the brain tumors. He has continued to be dizzy and has difficulty concentrating.

After Jan’s appointment we drove back to Firth so Danny could finish packing and gather his bags, and I left Jan home to rest while I drove Danny to the airport. After being home for 3 weeks, he is leaving once again for another 30 day trip. It was tough for Danny to say goodbye to his brother, who he loves so much.


These two became close right from the start, and Danny hates to leave especially at this time when Jan is ill and Mommy is in the hospital.


We are going to miss him so much.

While we were busy with all we had to do today, the girls spent their time with one of my dearest friends, ZoAnn. They had an absolute blast and a half with her and her beautiful family.  The boys went and hung out with their cousin, Jessica, and loved every second with her too. I am so grateful for such loving friends and family.

I spent until 8:30pm with mommy at the hospital, then needed to come home so I could give Jan his next dose of oral meds and a shot, and when I left the doctor came in to see mommy and told her that after looking thoroughly at her CT scan and MRI, he believes she did not suffer from a stroke.  He believes she had a terrible reaction to the meds she was given in the ER, as well as to the anesthesia, and that it was good that she was brought in because the way her breathing was, was life threatening. We are so grateful that she is okay, and will make sure that when she comes home she is able to rest and take time to regroup and feel strong again after all she’s been through. Our mother is our precious angel, and I have no doubt that Daddy has been by her side every second.


One thought on “2 down, 8 to go!!!

    Elayne said:
    August 27, 2015 at 6:13 am

    AAAaaagggghhhhhh!!! You are all a constant in our prayers………LUVYA!!

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