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This morning we went in to the hospital to check on Mommy, and she looked so beautiful. Sometimes I look at her and am so amazed at how incredibly beautiful she is, how smooth and soft her skin is, and what a dainty little lady she’s always been. How on earth did she end up with a child like me…a big boned tomboy who’s always barefoot, still climbs trees and can’t pass up a dare. She was discharged from the hospital about midday, and is doing splendidly.

Jan and I went in for his radiation appointment.

IMG_1656   IMG_1657   IMG_1658

The staff always greet us big smiles and send us on our way with big hugs. What a great group of people. 3 down 7 to go!!!

Today Jan has been especially nauseous and dizzy. He has slept a lot more and just really felt out of it. He’s most comfortable with his eyes closed because his vision is bothering him more and more. He continues to be so sweet and loving when I go to him with the next handful of meds and shot in hand. He lays quietly while I medicate him and then thanks me and tells me he loves me when I’m done. What a sweet Angel he is.

I’ve really missed Danny today, and was so excited to receive a phone call from him around 5pm from Hong Kong. His travels had gone smoothly thus far, and he still had another 4 or 5 hour flight to go to Indonesia. Once there he will be 13 hours ahead of me. Last night when I got into bed I found a note he had written for me. Such a beautiful, tender note. I am so grateful for him.

This evening has been so fun. It was a wonderful cool temperature outside, so we all went out and lay on the grass and chatted and laughed for a while.

IMG_1667-1     IMG_1661

FullSizeRender-203       FullSizeRender-200

The creatures played on the swing as the sun lowered in the sky.

FullSizeRender-206   FullSizeRender-205   FullSizeRender-204

IMG_1668    IMG_1670

And then my wonderful nephew, Cody, came over and we all played a game of soccer while Jan and Mommy watched.

FullSizeRender-202   FullSizeRender-201

At one point Jonathan and I collided in mid air while Kjira scored us another point. Aidan weaved in and out of our legs and Emma rugby tackled while Jude tried to play hacky sack with the ball. Hunter towered over everyone as he ran and Mycah is so athletic and strong and is always ready to take anyone down. What a great time we had.

Now Jan and Mommy are tucked into bed, the creatures are all in the living room talking quietly and laughing together and I’m ready to slip beneath the covers and get some sleep.

I am so grateful for a wonderful day of life.  We are so blessed and have so much to be grateful for. Life is good.


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