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Idaho is gorgeous in the mornings. The air is cool and fresh, the sky is wide and blue, and barn swallows fly over the canals like B52 bombers. Harvest has been moving forward in full force, with combines and John Deer tractors gathering, chopping and baling in a cloud of dust all day, leaving giant one ton bales scattered peacefully like sleeping babies in the fields at night. Mycah and I got some exercise this morning surrounded by this tranquil scene. The air is so dry and thin at this altitude, compared to the humid sea level where we live, and exercising tends to leave us winded and hot. Mycah saw an opportunity to cool off in the sprinklers of a farmers field, and embraced it.


Jan’s radiation appointment number 4 went well today. Only 6 more to go. Mommy joined us and was amazed to see how it all works. The staff were so sweet to explain it all to her. During today’s session he said that in his head he could see more purple and white lights, this time more toward the front of his face rather than off to the side. The ammonia smell still accompanies each treatment.

Jan slept 90% of the day today. His nausea and dizziness have continued and his eye sight seems to be worsening a little each day. We keep praying that he will find relief from that.

The creatures are spending time with their cousins this evening, and went to the school football game.  Bernadine sent me these photos…

IMG_1680   IMG_1681   IMG_1686

IMG_1685  IMG_1683

IMG_1684   IMG_1687

In the mean time those of us left here at the house, did what we seem to be enjoy doing each evening now – laying on the grass outside in the cool evening air.


There’s something so peaceful about lying on the coolness of the lawn out in the country, where no city life can be heard, but only the sound of birds in the trees and horses in the fields.

I am so grateful for a healthy body, and for my eyesight with which I can see the breathtaking beauty of the world around us.


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