Day: August 31, 2015

Quiet Sabbath

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We enjoyed a quiet day as a family today. The sky was clear and a gentle breeze blew through the open doors and windows. It felt so good to Jan, since he has been running extra hot the past few days. Bernadine came to visit with her sweet family, and I made a lasagna and baked a big pan of dinner rolls for everyone to feast on. Afterward some of the kids played some gamesĀ  in the living room while we all sat around and chatted.


Kjira built a huge puzzle at the table.


At one point Mycah asked me if I’d ever stuck the nozzle from a bicycle pump in my belly button while someone pumped it. I didn’t even have to hesitate to answer…I can honestly say I’ve never done that, AND I’ve never even thought of doing that either. Her and Emma grabbed the pump from the garage and showed me what they had discovered last night. Mycah held the pump against her belly button and Emma pumped away, and a high pitched squealing sound erupted from the belly button. It was pretty funny. Sometimes all I can do it laugh at these crazy creatures and shake my head. I guess this is what happens when you raise kids without television. They are creative in their play!

I spoke with Danny this morning and he is doing well. He is still in Indonesia but was planning on flying his passengers to Borneo tonight. After getting all necessary preparations completed, including checking out of the hotel, prepping the airplaneĀ  and waiting patiently for the passengers for quite some time, they received word that the trip was cancelled.

A new week starts tomorrow. One in which Jan will have 5 more radiation sessions as well as more doctors appointments. My sweet Mom also has doctors appointments that we’ll get her to. Tomorrow evening my Aunt Liz, that came out for Daddy’s funeral, will be returning to Australia. Life is busy, and yet in some ways I feel like it’s all moving in slow motion and I am suspended and moving slowly along with it all, and there are things around me I cannot control but have part in. I so desperately want to wake from all this and find my Father and Brother in good health, but tomorrow is another day with my Dad gone and my sweet brother fighting cancer. All I can do is love completely, enjoy and cherish the beautiful moments of each day, and never forget the priceless gift that family is.