8 down 2 to go!

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This morning Jan and I showed up for his radiation appointment and the machine was broken, so we left to pick up one of his prescriptions while they worked on it, and returned later for the treatment. All went well. In today’s treatment Jan saw bright purple and white lights going up into his nasal passages, and felt like he’d been sunburned after treatment. I gently rubbed aloe vera over his head to ease the discomfort. Tomorrow after his radiation appointment, we will go over to the hospital for another CT scan – this one of his neck down, to see where else the cancer might be.

The creatures worked hard on their school work for several hours, and are  finding their work fascinating.  I love it when they spout out facts and points of interest to me.


When we were in town I stopped by Great Harvest Bread Company, and picked up a dozen bars in a variety of flavors. When we arrived home I cut them up into smaller portions and arranged them on a plate and told the creatures to sit in a circle in the living room. They gave me that, “uh oh, what’s mom up to now” look. I placed the plate of deliciousness in front of them and told them I wanted to see who has the greatest will power to resist them. They were all so amazing! After a while I eventually said fine, I give up, you’re all strong, just dig in. At that point none of them would, because they thought it was part of the challenge! It took me a minute to convince them that it really was ok.

This evening we were all feeling like a simple meal of veggies from the garden, so between my mom and I we prepared every dish with fresh vegetables.  It was so delicious. Mycah and Aidan enjoyed helping us pick and husk corn. The horses enjoyed it too.

FullSizeRender-225    FullSizeRender-224

FullSizeRender    FullSizeRender-227

Emma made a Tres Leches cake for desert that was out of this world!

I spoke with my Handsome Husband for a couple minutes this evening, and he was about to fly from Singapore to Jakarta, and then to a small town in Borneo. He is happy and healthy and enjoying his travels – though he does miss everyone very much. He is always so good to talk to and somehow makes everything make sense. I am so grateful for him.


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