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This morning some friends of Jan’s came up from Utah to visit. I love it when his friends come, especially ones I haven’t met yet,  because they give me glimpses into corridors of his life I haven’t been. Even though I know Jan almost as well as I know myself, as I join him in these friendships, I love him even more. Just like our Dad, he has touched so many hearts, because his light and goodness is impossible to resist.

My Mom had a post op visit this morning and she seems to be healing up really well. Her arm has good range of motion for having had surgery so recently, and she has not had any more ‘no breathing’ episodes.

Jan had radiation treatment #9. On Tuesday will be his last one. His poor head is looking sunburned.


After that he had a CT scan done on his body from his neck down, and blood was drawn to check for liver failure. Results should be in on Monday. He looked pretty cute in his yellow hospital gown.


The creatures and I spent some time in town running a couple of errands. They always clown around and make me laugh. I love how they love each other so much.

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When we arrived home we all went over to Daddy’s grave for a while, and lay down some fresh flowers.

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It shouldn’t be too much longer till they lay grass and deliver his headstone. I really missed him today.  Everywhere I look I see him and feel him as the beautiful landscape reminds me of spending time with him.

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Tonight I lay next to Jan for a short while and rested my cheek on the warmth of his back. My arm over him with my hand on his chest. I could hear him breathing, and felt the beat of his heart beneath my fingers. That warmth and rhythm is something I will never again take for granted. Every day of life I share with him I treasure, and I am so grateful for that priceless gift. This evening I was texting my Darling Danny, and I told him that when Jan leaves us, I will need to be locked up permanently. His reply was so sweet and brought me so much comfort, he said, ‘I will hold you tightly. You will be locked up in my arms. Permanently.’ How is it that I could have such incredible men in my life? My father, my brother, and my Soul Mate. I am a blessed woman.


One thought on “Grateful Soul

    linda govatos said:
    September 5, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Such a beautiful posting. Can’t believe how blessed Dan is to have you in his life….”Thank You Heavenly Father for answering our prayers for our boy”.


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