Day at the fair

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Bernadine came over early yesterday morning to grab the creatures.


They all loaded up and went to the Blackfoot fair, and the rest of us let Jan sleep a little longer and then we joined them. Going to the fair has been something our family has really enjoyed. Our Mom and Dad would go every night just to eat from the smorgasbord of vendors there. This year Mommy and Bernadine debated about whether they would be able to do it, or if emotionally it would just be too difficult to go without Daddy there. We decided that more than likely, our dad was there, so we’d all go join him.

FullSizeRender-252    FullSizeRender-253

The cousins love spending time together, and had such a fun day exploring and eating.

FullSizeRender-251    FullSizeRender-248

Mycah has a size 10 shoe, and was surprised at how huge the 25mm bullets were.

When we approached the McKee’s Pets booth, Bernadine mentioned that she’s always wanted to kiss a pig, so I felt obliged to find the manager and told him it was on her bucket list and could he please pull one out for her to kiss.


The pig screamed bloody murder, but that didn’t stop my Sis!!

Jude told me she had been at a booth where you could test the strength of your grip, and said she was now held the record for the strongest grip at the fair, and wanted me to try…


The average woman my age has a grip strength of 28 and I got 35.2 with my bad hand and beat Jude and the fair record with my right hand at 47.2. I have no idea what that all means aside from the fact that I can grip the lines tight when pulling out a sail and open the throttle nice and wide when on the Harley!

We spent a big chunk of the day eating more than anyone should eat in a week.

FullSizeRender-245   FullSizeRender-249

Everything from giant smoked turkey legs, to tigers ears, scones with honey butter, teriyaki chicken bowls, chocolate covered cheesecake, ice cream, lime rickies, caramel apples, cotton candy and stir fried shrimp.


It was really cold, so the cousins kept warm by sitting close.

FullSizeRender-247     FullSizeRender-246

IMG_1853   FullSizeRender-243    FullSizeRender-241

FullSizeRender-240    FullSizeRender-242

At one point Mommy teared up a bit from missing Daddy so she got smothered to death in a bed of grandkids.


By 4pm we were ready to head home, but all the creatures weren’t, so they stayed longer. After that they all went to their cousins home to spend the night.

After arriving home, Jan fell asleep in the big chair for quite a while.  Poor guy was so worn out.  Steffan went out and shined up Oupa’s Harley.  He did such a beautiful job, and this morning he took his sweet wife, Kasee, for a ride on it.

FullSizeRender-239  FullSizeRender-237

Mommy and I picked some corn and pulled some beets out of the garden. One of them was HUGE!


For lunch Jan is teaching his boys the important lesson that every South African man must be proficient at…cooking boerewors. Danny is already pro at it. It is a specially spiced ‘sausage’ of sorts that we eat at most braai’s. (BBQ’s) We will also have freshly cooked beets, corn and I made a peach cobbler from some peaches I bought a couple days ago. Our sweet Mom and Kasee made a rice pudding too – Daddy’s favorite!

I texted my Darling and he is back in Jakarta again.

I am so grateful for these memories we can always think back on. They are ours to keep and treasure with immense gratitude.


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