Day: September 10, 2015

Instant Applesauce

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Today was the first day we have been able to stay home without needing to go into town, for over 3 weeks now. It felt so good!

Mycah, Emma and I went for a 7 mile bicycle ride down the country roads. They wanted to chat and listen to music and I wanted a hard work out, so I went ahead. I past beautiful barns, fields of alfalfa and corrals with big black and white cows. Breathing hard in the dry Idaho air is much less comfortable than the tropics. My lungs burned but it all felt good anyway.

Jan woke up at noon, ate a little and returned to bed. He has been so worn out. He has now had 3 doses of his new medication and is feeling no side effects from it. He is so sweet.

To illustrate once more what an absolute Angel our beautiful mother is, I’ll write about an experience we had today. Mommy had a rough morning with missing Daddy. She was feeling sad and anxious. At one point Mycah came to me saying there was a lady crying at the front door, so I went to take care of it to keep my mom from having to. It was Beverly, the next door neighbor, and she was extremely drunk and emotional. I took her in my arms and hugged her and asked what was wrong, and she said she knows my mom lost her husband and heard that her son is very sick, and she is just so devastated and needs to talk to her. I tried encouraging her to sit and talk with me but she insisted she talk with my mom. I took her to where she was, and mommy immediately embraced her, sat her down on a chair and listened to her as she sobbed. I was afraid it would upset my mom because she was talking about my Dad and brother, and was already having a bad day, but instead she focused completely on Beverly, hugging, kissing and comforting her.

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She told Beverly how much she loves her and how important she is, and how she knows that my Dad is happy and well, and that makes her happy too. This went on for a couple hours, and when my mom had to get up, I sat and held her, and so did Mycah and Emma. Finally she left with a smile on her face and a little wobble to her step as mommy walked her home. My mother is so selfless and loving, and is such a wonderful example to those around her. Even now, at 9 o clock at night, she is on the phone comforting a woman who’s husband is abusive.

This evening the creatures and I went to the baseball diamond next door and played baseball for a while. The apple tree in the neighbors yard is filled with hundreds or wormy apples, and the ground beneath it is littered with them too. We took a bucket full of them and used them to pitch with. By the end of the evening each of us were covered in our very own brand of chunky ‘applesauce’. My hair had chunks in it and our hands were so sticky, but what a blast and a half!

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Another beautiful day has come to an end and I am ready to call and talk to my darling, then climb into my warm bed. I am so grateful for life.