Day: September 11, 2015

17 Months!!!

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Today is Danny’s and my 17 month wedding anniversary. When we got married, I knew I was in love, but looking back on what I felt then compared to what I know and feel now, I had no idea the depths that love could reach. I am so grateful for a best friend and companion that shares my same passions and dreams. I am so excited for the rest of forever with him.

This morning Jude, Mycah and I ran the truck into town after Jan helped us jump it, and dropped it off with a diesel mechanic. When I went inside to chat with the service people, I asked the girls to get the wheelchair out of the truck and transfer it to my moms car. As I was in deep conversion explaining the trucks issue with the mechanic, out of the corner of my eye I saw movement outside the shop window. I had a feeling that the girls were up to something…I walked outside to find Mycah in the wheelchair and Jude was pushing her around like a crazy person.


Mechanics in the work bay were trying to be polite and not stare at the two girls who had obviously just escaped the insane asylum, but were having difficulty diverting their gaze. I had left my phone in the car, and Mycah took it upon herself to leave some selfies on my phone. I figured it’s only fair I share them with the world:

IMG_1922  IMG_1921  IMG_1919

Isn’t she beautiful!!! And a scallywag.

Jan slept lots again today. His appetite is down and I’m encouraging him to drink lots of water. I threatened him with an IV, and he drank more. He feels so much weaker, and is so tired. I gave his beautiful bald head a gentle rub down with lotion this morning because his skin is peeling a bit from all the radiation. It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely sweet he is, and filled with love and concern for those around him. He’s just like our parents. I love him so very much. Every time I approach him and kiss his face with another handful of pills or another shot, he smiles and softly thanks me.


I am so blessed to have such amazing examples in my life.