50th Wedding Anniversary

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Fifty years ago today, our beautiful Mother and handsome Father, were married in a little town in Rhodesia, Africa, and what an amazing 50 years it has been! Bernadine, Jan and I are so grateful for the life our parents have given us, and it is with those same values that we were taught, that we teach our children now. We wanted to acknowledge this day because it is significant in our lives, but knew that it would be a difficult one for Mommy, so we kept it mellow.

IMG_1929     FullSizeRender-261

Our gift to her was a painting of Christ, with his comforting hand on a woman’s shoulder. We thought perhaps it would bring her comfort during this time  after our fathers passing. She loved it.

Last night when Jude, Emma and I were on our bike ride, on the way home we stopped in at the Chapman home. Bill Chapman is my Dad’s best friend, and like him, his sweet wife is always full of hugs and smiles. She told us she really needs help building a puzzle, so we sat for a couple hours and built with her, and promised we would return this morning to help some more.

IMG_1926     IMG_1927 IMG_1928

It is 2000 pieces and is a photograph of Las Vegas at night. What a project! This morning we spent more time helping Margret, and she was so encouraging and grateful for every piece we lay down. What a beautiful little Angel she is. She has a long oxygen hose which allows her to wander all through her home with her walker, without having to drag the oxygen tank with her. Her big blue eyes light up when she sees us and we love to keep her company. When we left we promised we’d return soon again.

Jan slept pretty much all day today. Finally at 1pm I woke him to check his blood sugar and give him meds, after which he fell back asleep once more. At one point around 4pm he mentioned going to Stockmans Steak House for a steak, and we agreed we’d do that this evening. He immediately fell back asleep and by 6:30pm I ran to the grocery store, bought steaks and cooked them for him with fresh french bread and corn on the cob. He thoroughly enjoyed his meal, I gave him his medications and insulin shot, and he’s back asleep again. His steroid dose was at 12mg for several weeks, and I have been weaning him off of them. We are down to 2mg a day now, and by next weekend he will be completely done. I was afraid that his headaches would return, but so far so good.

The creatures are all at Bernadine’s house tonight. They are helping to bake for my nephew’s wedding reception. Also, since Mycah just turned 16, tomorrow is her first date! Her and her blind date are going with four other couples – 2 of which are Jude and Jonathan, who have been set up with blind dates too, and then my nephews Caleb and Joshua and their dates. Caleb arranged it all with his friends. I’m excited to hear how it goes!! In the mean time, I’ll be here cleaning the gun.

My Sweetheart is flying back to Borneo tonight (his tomorrow), to a place he really doesn’t care for and he calls the name of the town ‘Botulism.’

Tonight Hunter and I will be going on a date to the movies, but first, I think I’ll take a short nap.


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