Simple Saturday

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With all the creatures at my sisters house, it was so quiet here at my Mom’s house today. Jan slept in till about 11am, at which point I checked his blood sugar, gave him his meds and Mommy and I sat with him while he ate his breakfast. When he returned to bed after that I went for an eleven mile bike ride. It felt so good to work out again and think about things as I peddled. When there was about 2 miles left of my ride I noticed a tree in a crowded yard with ripe plums on it.  They looked delicious and were falling all over the yard. I peddled farther until I could see down the overgrown lane leading to an obviously abandoned house, and a huge, worn, NO TRESPASSING sign hung slanted from a tree.  I instantly recognized this as an invitation to make use of fruit that would otherwise go to waste. The yard was so thick with tall weeds and untrimmed trees, and apples lay rotting all over. I made my way to the plum tree I’d seen from the road, and proceeded to fill a pocked I’d made with my tank top, with delicious plums.


I placed them gently into the basket on the front of my Mums bike, and continued my ride home. We have been thoroughly enjoying them this afternoon, and I wondered who planted the plum trees…what their dreams were…where they are now, and I hoped they are happy and well.

Our plan was for Jan, Mommy and I to go over to our nephews wedding reception this afternoon, but when we went to wake Jan to get ready, he just didn’t feel up to it. So I loaded the wedding cake into the boot of the car, and forced myself to drive like a lady all the way to Sugar City for the reception.


The cake made it without any mishap.

Today Jan seemed especially weak. He could not open the lid to his drink due to weakness and once again slept a lot.  His rash seems to be spreading more and he has been feeling a pain in his abdomen. He also has his 3rd nose bleed this week. Aunt Colleen and Uncle RJ came to see him today and sat on the bed by him and visited for a while.  They are such wonderful people, and it made Jan so happy to see them.

Mycah’s first date went well.  She said her date was hilarious and kept her laughing the entire time. About half an hour into it I texted her to tell her I needed photos (which I never received) and she said ok Mom, and then exclaimed that 5 minutes into the date, Jonathan has splashed mud all over her. She wasn’t too thrilled about that, but knowing Mycah, she most likely just ignored it and will get him back later. Jude thought her date was really odd, and Jonathan had an ok time. I’m so glad Mycah had a good experience and that everyone was treated well, and as for the shot gun…it is back in its case.


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