He’s back!

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Today, was a fantastic day.

When I gave Jan his meds at 4am, he was wide awake and said he had not slept at all yet. I pulled his sheet and blanket up after giving him his oral meds and shot into his belly, kissed his handsome bald head and said goodnight once again. When I awoke this morning and went into the kitchen, he was already there cutting up tomatoes, and he looked at me with both of his beautiful eyes open. For several weeks now he has had to keep one eye mostly closed due to large black floaters covering most of it, and the other eye has been completely blurry. I gave him a big hug and worked along side him.

As the morning went on, I watched and listened as Jan teased Mycah and she teased him back. He laughed and talked and cracked jokes like he always used to. Mycah painted his toenails blue, and then painted pretend nails onto his partially amputated foot.

IMG_2003   IMG_2008

After she was done he promptly painted her toenails.


As the day went on and we talked he spoke of how his head felt significantly less foggy, his memory was better and he was less confused. He continued to joke around all day long and it felt so wonderful to see him enjoying his day rather than wander in a fog.

This afternoon I went into town for my cardiology appointment. I hadn’t followed up with a cardio doc since May when in California, they relocated my pacemaker, so I figured it was probably time. My doctors name was quite fitting for a heart doctor…Dr Chambers. After interrogating my pacemaker and performing an EKG, we sat down to talk. All was good news. My upper chambers are pacing (needing the pacemakers aid) 17% of the time, and my lower chambers, 12% of the time. I continue to have fairly frequent SVT, or supraventricular tachycardia. It is an is an abnormal fast heart rhythm that starts in the upper chambers, or the atria, of the heart. As I grow older, these rapid rhythms will become more frequent and could become problematic, at which point another ablation and or medication will be needed. The EKG showed the right bundle block that I am already aware of. My return appointment is set for 6 months from now unless the SVT becomes a problem. I am grateful for modern medicine and gadgets, which have allowed me more time with my Eternal Sweetheart and 11 beautiful children.

This evening Mommy, our dear friend Debbie, Mycah and Aidan played some music and danced away in the living room.

FullSizeRender-271     FullSizeRender-270

It was easy to tell that Debbie and my Mom were quite the dancers back in their day.

Tonight my handsome Danny is about to begin his 11 hour flight from Jakarta to Jeddah and then on to Dubai. I pray he will be safe in his travels.

Another wonderful day of life has come to an end. A day filled with peace, hope and love. What a gift…


One thought on “He’s back!

    Fern said:
    September 17, 2015 at 6:08 am

    You forgot to mention and you had an awesome visit with your amazing friend and social worker. ..ME! LOL. I’m so glad today was great! 💚


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