Trip to Utah

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Yesterday morning, Jan, Jude, Mycah and I loaded up and drove to Salt Lake City. Jan continued to feel really good, with a clear mind and a great sense of humor. He still felt a little weak and shaky but felt good.

We arrived at the lot where his semi has been kept, and we began unloading his belongings into the car.IMG_2025    IMG_2026

Emotionally it was difficult for him because he loves driving his car hauler so much.  He loves the freedom of life on the road, and really misses it. His wonderful friend, Ralph, has been keeping his truck for him and is going to help him sell it. Another of his friends, Bob, stopped by, and spent some time with us. Jan has some of the most awesome friends.

IMG_2028    IMG_2027

We offered them some of the disgusting new potato chips we tried, but they didn’t like them either!


I think these may even be worse than the gyro flavor!

After leaving there we made our way to Thanksgiving point where we met up with one of Jan’s friends from college. Jay and Jan studied in the graphic design program together, and it was fun to meet him  – another great friend. Janis so loved by so many people.


We continued on to Mona, Utah, to spend the night with the Sage family. These guys are a kick in the pants, fullof fun and laughter and love. They prepared a feast for us to enjoy together, with grilled vegetables and the most delicious steaks. I think Jan ate an entire heifer. What a feast.

IMG_2033     IMG_2034

Lance and Landon took me down into a room in their basement filled with their amazing gun collection.


They have everything from sniper rifles, to collectors guns and pirate pistols, to 45’s and things I’ve never heard of. Danny would have loved to see it. They took Jude and Mycah out shooting and they loved it.

I made a new friend named Predator. She is the sweetest little gecko I’ve ever met. We played together for some time.

IMG_2037      IMG_2036 IMG_2035

I love her!!!

We all lay around with massive bellies after our meal, and talked till almost 2am.

This morning they once again prepared a feast for us. Waffles, eggs, hash browns and bacon.

IMG_2040   IMG_2039

Wow! what a buffet!

Today we will drive back up to SLC, and I’ll jump on our Harley and ride it back to Firth, while Jude drives the car with Jan and Mycah.

Danny made it to Jeddah safely last night. Him and his crew were help for several hours by the Saudi’s but were eventually set free. He will be there for two days then fly to Dubai for a week. I am grateful he is safe.

Today Jan feels lots of pressure on the sides of his head, and he has had a headache. I gave him hydrocodone for the discomfort and hope we can stay on top of it. I am so grateful for another day of life with him.


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