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This morning after breakfast Jude and Mycah went four wheeling with their buddies, Landon, Brennan and McKade. These handsome cowboys took the girls up into the mountains and showed them a beautiful waterfall, a riverbed and gorgeous Fall colors.

FullSizeRender-277      FullSizeRender-275

While they were doing that, Auralie and Lance took Jan and I for a drive through a beautiful canyon. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with our sweet friends.

As we drove, Jude commented about how spectacular the Fall colors are, and Jan proceeded to tell her that this year, some new colors were ordered for everyone to enjoy. He’s a funny guy!

FullSizeRender-279    FullSizeRender-278

We made our way toward Salt Lake City and met up with another of Jan’s wonderful friends.


Reed is another of Jan’s graphic design classmates, and they were able to catch up and reminisce.

We drove to where the Harley was I jumped on and headed North. Once it turned cooler I dressed in warm leathers, but after the sun went down my ride was in about 40 degrees at 80 miles an hour and by the time I reached home I was thoroughly frozen! After a cup of hot Pero and a nice long shower, I’m thawed out and ready for bed.

Jan is a bit worn out from our excursion, but he really enjoyed meeting up with friends and taking care of his truck. The hydrocodone seemed to do the trick for his headache, and he has stayed clear headed today. He has felt pretty unsteady on his feet, but is grateful for the ability to think straight. We take so much for granted when we are healthy. My goal is to never do that again, but rather to enjoy and appreciate every little miracle each day.


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