Constantly evolving

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When I woke Jude up her first words to me were, “I’ve finally figured your accent out Mom.” I responded by asking what she thought she’d figured out, and she asked me to say a few different words, which I did, and then she sighed and said, “never mind!” She has the strangest dreams…

This morning Becky stayed with Jan while the rest of us ran into town to get some things done. The creatures have started getting very cold as Fall weather brings with it cooler temperatures, so I bought them each a couple warmer things to wear. Aidan decided to be a clown in Target, and disappeared behind the paper towel.


At one point a lady walked past with her cart and he emerged from behind the wall of Bounty like it was nothing unusual, and she looked at him questioningly as if he’d lost it. (which he may have).

We came home and relaxed out on the back lawn. It was so beautiful on the rich green grass, with a gorgeous open blue sky above and shade from trees to keep us cool.


IMG_2165    FullSizeRender-302

The neighbors apple tree had dropped dozens of wormy green apples all over the lawn, so Aidan and Hunter played apple baseball and hit them into the horses corral. The horses of course loved it. Jan, Becky and I had front row seats.


Just when I felt confident that I had all Jan’s meds and doses under control, he changes! I’ve been trying to figure out his ever changing blood sugar situation for two days now. Our sweet Angel nurse from Hospice (Trisha), came over to meet with Jan this afternoon, and gave me all sorts of advice to follow. She explained that his body is in ‘fight mode’ because of the cancer, and his body function is changing. At this point he just doesn’t need the amount of insulin that he needed up until a couple days ago, and two days from now that could all change more. I am needing to watch him more closely, and respond to his needs as they arise. The whole object right now is to keep him comfortable. Pain meds for swelling in his brain and headaches have had to be adjusted too, as they are becoming more intense. Trisha is so knowledgeable, patient and caring, and we feel so blessed to have her help.

It was sad to see Becky leave this evening. It has been wonderful to have her here the past couple of days. She has a long ride ahead of her tonight. Some other friends stopped by tonight, and it was wonderful to see them as well.

From the moment we are born, our minds and bodies are constantly evolving. Some of that change that takes place is genetic, some situational and some is learned. Ultimately we have the choice to become who we want to be. As I watch Jan at this point in his life, I stand in awe of his goodness. He’s just like our Dad. His body and abilities are changing day to day and he takes it all in stride and never ceases to be positive and hopeful. He recognizes his blessings, treats those around him with love and kindness and always gives people the benefit of the doubt. I am so proud of him, and love him with all my heart.


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