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We woke up and hit the road by 6:30 this morning, to travel back down to Utah. Jude, Aidan and Mycah are going to spend a few days with our friends in Mona, and Jan and I went to my wrist appointment at University of Utah. Jan is so sweet, he insisted on going with me to show support because he loves me so much. I tried to convince him that I know he is there for me and that I’d be just fine, but he really wanted to come. On the way down I held his hand as he slept for a while. Have I mentioned that I love him so much?!

FullSizeRender-305      FullSizeRender-304

It was so beautiful watching our surroundings awaken to the new day. A soft mist hung over meandering streams and low fields where cows stood grazing, all facing the rising sun. The sky was clear and crisp and a peaceful silence filled the air, allowing nature to wake and stretch before beginning the day. I loved being a part of it. It reminded me of waking early and standing on the bow of our home, watching the world wake around me over the water and in nearby rain forests.

I stopped at a gas station, and while filling the tank, saw this sign posted:


“Discharge Static”…I’d never seen it before. Is that really a thing? That you can start a fire from static electricity?


We tried another flavor of the Lays weird flavored chips, and so far out of the Gyro, Reuben and this flavor, this is probably the better of the 3, but that is still not saying much. The Truffle Fries left us wanting, kind of like you’re on the verge of something good but it just never quite gets there. Try them and see what you think.

My appointment went well at University of Utah Hospital. The Doc took one look at my x-ray and knew exactly what he was dealing with – which is different to what I’ve experienced thus far. He said my lunate bone is dead and fragmenting and needs to be removed and that I really have no other choice. This will leave a gap in the middle of my wrist that the bone above it will want to migrate down into, so after removing the lunate he would fuse the Capitate and Scaphoid to give my hand strength.

After surgery I’ll be bandaged up for a little over a week then in a cast for 6 weeks. It’s going to put a major crap in my style. How’s a girl supposed to scuba dive or ride a Harley with a cast – carefully I guess. I took a saw to my last cast, and I guess I can do the same with this one. I’m supposed to be operated on on October 21st, but will see if I can get it done sooner.

Danny sent me photos of his hotel in Dubai today.

IMG_2174      IMG_2173

It’s the tallest hotel in the world and he is on the 65th floor. The gentleman he is flying, asked if he would be willing to stay longer and he agreed to it, so instead of being back by Saturday or Sunday, we are looking at a couple weeks from now.

Jan had less headaches and pressure today, although I am keeping him on hydrocodone and ibuprofen, but he had more dizziness and fogginess in his head. He feels pain below the tumors that are in his armpit as well. I watched his blood sugar closely today so that he didn’t have a rapid drop like yesterday, and feel like we did really well in keeping it controlled. Jan is a great travel companion. At times when I thought he was asleep, if there was a sudden turn or dip in the road he’d open his eyes wide, turn and look at me and yell, ‘whoa brudda!’ He is such a funny guy. I am grateful for another day of life with him. He fills me to overflowing with gratitude and love.


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