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So how does an African family relieve themselves of a bunch of stress? You play rugby in a flooded yard…

DSC_0277   DSC_0297

Bernadine and I heard the creatures splashing around outside. We had all ready showered up and dressed for the day and stepped outside to watch. It was clear to both of us that the Mamma’s needed to step we did, clothes and all. We had so much fun tackling and drowning the kids, and having them tackle us. All of us laughed so hard, froze our dairy airs off and exhausted ourselves.


We sat in the sun looking like drowned rats afterward and discussed our epic tackles.

Jeremy started this whole water adventure with the creatures by breaking out a board and flying across the water.


Afterward all the creatures picked up some tubes at the tires store and floated in the canal.

DSC_0382   DSC_0391

A got a photo of the whole group!


We had a good day with Jan. Hospice came by and helped Jan shower and then walked him out to sit in the living room for a while. He was talkative in his slow beautiful way and Trisha the hospice nurse chatted with him and took care of him for a while. I have been sleeping with Jan and our nights are spent holding hands.

IMG_2263     IMG_2261

He loves to gather the sheet and blanket up by his cheek. I kiss his face periodically through the night and he just keeps sleeping. He takes 3 breaths then no more for about 8 or 9 seconds, then breaths again. It’s the longest 9 seconds of my life.

Rachel and Justin brought their sweet angels over today, and we all enjoyed cuddling them.

DSC_0260   DSC_0266   DSC_0267

The kids loved time with Jan while he was up, and his friends, San and Ron, stopped for a visit.

DSC_0268    DSC_0392

Danny started his trip back here, and will be arriving at about 6pm tonight. It’s going to be so wonderful to have his support here. Jan has missed him, and so have we.

We have not started Jan on morphine yet, because he perked up and has been able to swallow is pain pills. Trisha has been such an amazing support and endless fountain of knowledge and we travel this road with Jan.

I have come to love his friends so much. They are my friends too now, and I will love them like he did.

I am so grateful for a new day, added strength and overwhelming love and support. There is so much goodness in this world.


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