Brothers reunited

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Danny arrived safely last night and Jan (and the rest of us) was so happy to see him. All the creatures had been swimming in the canal, and smothered him with wet hugs and kisses.

Jan was as adorable as ever yesterday. Even though his communication is drastically strained, his sense of humor continues to show through in little ways. We put him in the wheelchair and took him for a walk.


He loves to be outside. The walk wore him out even though he enjoyed it, and we got him back in Daddies comfy chair and he rested beautifully.

Our sweet Momma loves spiders. Bernadine stopped by the pet store and brought her back a wonderful surprise.

DSC_0359    DSC_0365    FullSizeRender-332

DSC_0379     DSC_0378

Mommy is in love. She is now the proud mother of a bouncing baby pink toed tarantula. She has cuddled her and kissed her and made her a beautiful home.

Today is a new day and Jan is doing well. He is not in pain and sleeps alot. Trisha, our Angel hospice nurse will be stopping by today, so we’ll see what she thinks. We are so grateful for every moment with Jan. Every breath he takes is a precious gift. we are so blessed.


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