Day: October 13, 2015

Cuddle time

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Danny and I spent the night in our sisters casita in Las Vegas, after a trip to the Rio’s Seafood Buffet. We foundered on crab legs and other wonderful things.

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We awoke first thing this morning to get ready for his day at Pan Am. Once a year he has to attend Recurrent, also referred to by Danny as ‘pilot torture.’ Part of his day was spent in a classroom reviewing systems, following oral quizzing and then three hours in the simulator. He of course, did beautifully as usual.

I spent the day with my sister Christy, cuddling my handsome little nephew, Brody. It was so wonderful to feel the beautiful new life in my arms. I kissed his hands and face repeatedly and watched his constantly changing facial expressions.

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Danny just asked me, ‘how many pictures of the baby are you putting in there?’ I replied that I had several because his little face was constantly changing into the cutest expressions. His reply, ‘don’t all babies do that?’ I had to point out to him that Brody is SO stinking cute, and I couldn’t chose just one!

While Christy ran errands I lazily lay on the couch and cuddled him….what amazing therapy!


Now Danny and I are driving to Nipomo, CA to Mom and Dad. It’s going to wonderful to see them and spend a short time with them. We wish it were going to be longer.

My doctor called today to discuss the MRI results. My cartilage is in better shape than he thought, but I do have a tear in my rotator cuff that needs to be repaired right away. My surgery is scheduled for the 20th, after which we will return home to Panama.

Life is good and I am grateful to have Danny as my travel companion through life.