Day: October 14, 2015


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There’s just nothing like going to bed, knowing that your mom or dad, or both, are in the next room sleeping.

My grandmother used to say that a mother has no worries as long as she can cover all her children with one blanket – meaning that they are young enough to all fit under one. I think the same goes for our parents…it’s so comforting to know that you can reach over and kiss their faces good night, tuck them in as they once tucked you in, and wish them a good night. It’s interesting how roles are reversed as we go from them taking care of our every need, to us as adults taking care of our parents. I love them so much and see it as a privilege. It’s a humbling thought to me as I look at my children, realizing that their day will come too, when decisions will need to be made concerning me. I plan on really taking advantage of being old and embarrassing to no end. It’s going to be SO fun!

Our visit with Mom and Dad was wonderful just as we expected it would be. They are such gentle, loving individuals who have wonderful senses of humor and insight. I cuddled into Dad for a little while, listening to his heart beating and feeling his warmth. I am so grateful to have a Dad watching over me from above as well as one here to still hold.

Before leaving we got to meet Steve’s (Danny’s younger brother) sweet friend and her daughter as well, and what beautiful people they are.  It was hard saying ‘see you soon’ to Mom and Dad before heading South, but hopefully we will see them again soon.


Danny booked our tickets back home to Tanda Malaika, for October 24th. I am especially excited because Mommy is going to join us. She will spend about two weeks with us as we provision and prepare for our voyage to Jamaica. I can’t wait to show her all around the rain forest and the magical little places we have discovered.

Danny has been so wonderful this evening. I had a dip in my roller coaster of emotions, and was missing my sweet brother, and he stepped in so beautifully as my companion and sweetheart, and made me feel so much better, and so loved. I am grateful for his strength.