Day: October 16, 2015

Back in Idaho

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Today Danny and I find ourselves back in Firth. Yesterday morning I dropped him off at his training in Van Nuys, ran errands, picked him up and took him for his 6 month pilot physical, then dropped him back off at training. I drove an hour in crazy LA traffic to Ventura to meet with someone interested in purchasing Jude’s beautiful sailboat.

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The engine purred like a kitten and all 27ft of her looked so pretty sitting there in the water. I FaceTimed Jude so she could look around her boat and meet Katie, the possible future owner. Jude is so torn because she loves Time Out so much, but realizes that with us cruising on our catamaran, it’s best to sell and then purchase another boat a few years down the road.

I picked Danny up in Van Nuys afterward and we drove back to Vegas, then flew back to Idaho Falls this morning. What a crazy, but very productive trip. Unfortunately there was not one single minute left for  meeting with friends or family.

Mycah, Jonathan and Danny had dental appointments today, which now concludes cleanings on these 7 creatures and Danny. We have been using my mothers dentist, Dr Hoover, and have been very impressed with his expertise. He sent a rose and a note for Mommy today, thanking her for all this added business.

We stopped by Cabela’s and it was so cute to watch Danny and Aidan as they made their way excitedly through the gun and knife departments, talking excitedly about 22 this and B52 that. It’s all gibberish to me, I just like to shoot with the darn things.

Jude found herself a tent on display and climbed inside the sleeping bag on the cot. She said that if she was a hobo she’d sneak into Cabela’s everyday to sleep. She also found a huge Buffalo head on the wall and stuck her finger in its nose.


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Tomorrow we will be hiking into Lower Palisades. I can’t wait to photograph the Fall colors, and know that I will feel Jan and Daddy close in the peaceful beauty there.