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With just 5 days left until we fly back home to our sailboat, we are making lists on what we need to get done each day. Today Danny helped Mommy with her list as well as the things we had to do together. The creatures wanted to have a couple days with their Aunt Bernadine, so we met in town and she took them up to Chester with her, and on the way home we stopped at our favorite Roach Wagon for street tacos.

IMG_2606     IMG_2605

One of the many awesome memories of life with Jan, is spending time with him in Salt Lake doing repo’s in the middle of the  night. Around 1 or 2am we’d drive down the deep dark streets and he’d spot a vehicle on his list and I’d jump out and start it and drive off quietly to avoid being caught. It wasn’t always a smooth getaway, and some nights we got far more cars than others, but we always stopped for street tacos. I’d had never had one till he introduced me.

I forgot to post a great photo from this last weekend. Danny took the Sage’s lawn mower for a spin and popped wheelies on it all over their lawn.


Each time he’d land he’d laugh with that awesome full laugh of his and then take off for another again. It was hilarious and adorable to watch.

Tomorrow I will be going in for my shoulder surgery. I really love the feeling of going under anesthesia, so I’m quite excited for it. We also have Danny’s final dentist appointment tomorrow and Jude’s visit with the allergist so we can try find out why she gets hives all the time.

Today was two weeks since Jan passed away, and I am grateful for the closeness I continue to feel with him, as well as my sweet Dad.


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