Just a little more bionic…

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Yesterday was a blast and a half. My sweet niece, Lauren, drove up all the way from Utah, to give me a hug, tell me she loves me and to sit and chat for about 90 minutes before I left for the hospital. It made me feel so loved! She is such a beautiful person, filled with love, adventure and goodness. She is so pure and sweet, and I cant wait to grow old with her.


All went splendidly at the hospital. The highlights of my time there were #1, having Danny by my side, #2, wearing the new spiffy hospital gown that is totally disposable and quite warn, #3, the heated blankets that always feel so good, and #4, the feeling of going under anesthesia. I’m such a lightweight when it comes to meds, so it always takes quite a while for the effects to wear off. Supposedly I put on a funny show for Danny and my Mom. I have no recollection from the time I went under anesthesia till  2am when Danny’s alarm went off and I shot out of bed asking him what that’s for and he told me we have to head to the airport. I wobbled out of bed, still a bit loopy, saying crap I haven’t packed yet. The next thing I knew, he was by my side helping me back to bed. What a brat. It was the alarm for him to give me pain meds. What a Sweetheart! He has taken such good care of me and been so sweet.

2am was the last time I took pain meds, and have felt really good today. Dr Biddulph did a splendid job repairing my rotator cuff, and the cardio techs did a fine job keeping my heart in check. The tough part is that I can’t move my arm for 6 weeks and cant get it wet for 3 weeks. How on earth does a sailor girl/mermaid accomplish that?! It’s REALLY going to try my patience.

This evening we met Bernadine in town at a pizza joint to get the creatures back. They absolutely love spending time with her. The pizza place we ate at is Stoplight Pizza in Idaho Falls, where they serve 32″ pizzas.

IMG_2612-1      IMG_2613-1

Caleb decided to take the 9lb pizza challenge, and almost made it. We knew he was done when his started turning green.

IMG_2615     IMG_2616

This evening all the creatures have their  STUFF scattered all over the living room, sorting and organizing to begin packing for the trip back home. The next two days are going to be busy as we scrub the house and motor home down, run the last few errands and pack.


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