Crazy Day

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From the minute we rolled out of bed, till we climbed back in almost 14 hours later, we’ve been running today. Thanks to the beautiful colors of Fall, and the warmth of the sun against the cool breeze, it was absolutely gorgeous. About midday, Emma and I helped shuttle Danny and our awesome friend Dave, to a place to launch the fishing boat. Emma and i rode in the back of the truck.

IMG_2620    FullSizeRender-392 FullSizeRender-391   FullSizeRender-390FullSizeRender-389   FullSizeRender-394

Danny caught an 18″ Cut throat trout and had a blast and a half relaxing on the river, while soaking up the sun.

Emma and I continued to run errands and then made our way back to Firth to meet up with our friend, Judy. She’s an acquaintance of Danny’s from a few years ago, who is also in the corporate flight attendant world, and she traveled all the way from Sun Valley to give me a hug and for us to finally meet today. So sweet of her. She joined us for a BBQ at some of our dearest friends home this evening. The sunset was stunning from their porch.


We are all finally back under one roof and ready for bed, to rest up for another busy day tomorrow. All is well, and we have so much to be grateful for.


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