Adventure Day!

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Today was filled with grand adventures. It began at 7:30am when we all (except sleepy Danny who was still resting from his stud day yesterday) dressed and went on an adventure in search of sloths and red frogs. Skyler and Mommy hadn’t seen them yet, and we felt obliged to show them the cute little creatures.


This morning was beautiful. Flowers were vibrant and the jungle was emerald green from last nights rains.

DSC_0003  DSC_0013-6

DSC_0024-7   DSC_0021-6   DSC_0027-3

DSC_0040-1   DSC_0022-4

I never tire of the exquisite beauty that surrounds us, and just when I think I’ve seen all the flowers this Island has to offer, I see more. Like this one…

DSC_0011-7   DSC_0012-6

Each strip of compound flowers were about 8-10 inches long and resembled corn on the cob that was large and flat, and some had tiny flowers protruding from their tips. Amazing!


This one was interesting too, it looked like some whatchamacallit oozing out from a thingamajig, surrounded by exploding doodads. Nature fascinates me.

We came across a couple of sloths doing what they do best: sleep and ever so slowly eat. This one was making his way down at a snails pace in an upside down position.


From the top of the trail our view was spectacular…

DSC_0016-7   DSC_0020-6

We reached the trail that leads into the rain forest where the red frogs live, and I warned Mommy, telling her to watch out for the R.O.U.S’s and fire swamps. (For those who haven’t seen the movie, Princess Bride, a R.O.U.S is a ‘Rodent of unusual size’) Vultures even watched from overhead for left overs.

DSC_0026-4    DSC_0015-7

The jungle was so thick and alive. All the creatures climbed a staircase that leads to a platform used for ziplines.

DSC_0030-2  DSC_0032-3  DSC_0033-2

We did find red frogs, and Mommy and Skyler thought they were quite cute, and loved the remainder of the hike as well.


DSC_0038-2  DSC_0039-1  DSC_0037-2

After returning we were drenched with sweat and had worked up quite an appetite. Everyone chowed down and then the creatures worked on their school work and chores. Their next adventure involved going to the beach for a couple of hours while Danny, Mommy and I stayed to work on things on the boat.

Danny, of course got both engines running well. I guess that makes him a stud today too.

By the time the creatures returned they were so worn out and tired of the sun, that they came in and lounged around for a while. We were of course anxious to run the engines, so we counted heads making sure everyone was on board, and tossed up the dock lines and set off on the next adventure. When we started, Mycah and Skyler looked like this….and at the end of our adventure, they still looked like that. They slept through the whole thing which lasted a couple of hours!


We headed West then turned the corner looping around to the windward side of Isla Bastimentos, and ventured East for a while. I love the sight open ocean.


The water was incredibly calm.

The internet is slower than molasses on a cold winter morning right now, so I will continue writing of the remainder of our adventures in the morning….

One thought on “Adventure Day!

    linda govatos said:
    October 28, 2015 at 4:51 am

    We look forward to reading your blog every night…SO MUCH!! And we’re never disappointed! I’m sorry Belinda, but I still get the willies seeing the frogs. I don’t care what their color is…they still give me the creeps! Sleep well tonight, and have another great day tomorrow. Love you all so much, Yiayia & Papuo.


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