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Today was nothing shy of just plain blissful! I woke at 7:30 and got ready to exercise (like we’d all agreed), but every soul on Tanda Malaika was fast asleep, so I ventured off on my own. The scenes before me were beautiful as noisy parrots were already causing a ruckus overhead, and howler monkeys mischievously made their way through vines and across branches as I passed them by. They are so fast but I did get a blurry shot of two of them.


Flowers were already being visited by insects and contrasted beautifully against the green of the jungle.

FullSizeRender-436  FullSizeRender-432  FullSizeRender-434

FullSizeRender-433  FullSizeRender-438  FullSizeRender-440

As I walked I thought of Jan and Daddy, wondering what they are up to, and if they could see what I was seeing – sharing the moment with me. I miss them so much.

When I returned home, Danny was up working on projects, and creatures were busy on school work. The most exciting project of the day was placing the lettering for Tanda Malaika’s name onto her.

IMG_2748   IMG_2747

IMG_2762    IMG_2763

FullSizeRender-437    IMG_2769


She looks so proud and pretty. We are so excited to finally have her name on her…”Tanda Malaika”….Guardian of the sea.

Mommy and the creatures went to the beach while I took a siesta and then started on dinner preparations. Danny worked on several more projects, accomplishing so much!

FullSizeRender-441   FullSizeRender-442 FullSizeRender-445   FullSizeRender-444 FullSizeRender-443

The water was clear and calm, and even Mommy who is usually afraid of water, had a jolly ole time splashing in the water. I still have two weeks till I’m allowed to go in, but that is about to go out the window because I can’t stand staying out much longer!

Dinner for tonight is Coconut curry chicken over rice with corn on the side. We all seem to work up an appetite over the day, and have been drinking gallons of water. The average daily temp has been around 90 degrees with 60% humidity. Life is good, and we are grateful.


One thought on “Bliss

    linda govatos said:
    October 29, 2015 at 5:06 am

    The name is perfect!! I love how it looks on her. Where are you going to go next?


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