Day: November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

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Danny and I awoke to the sound of feet going pitter patter up on deck. We made our way top side and found everyone watching a mother and baby dolphin play in the marina around us.


It drizzled gently all morning and everyone sat around lazily, preparing for this evenings marina Halloween party.

Danny and I caught a water taxi into town to pick up the outboard engine for the dinghy, where the little man behind the counter said to  come back in a couple hours – it hadn’t made it from the town of David and across the water to Bocas yet. We got a few things done, then went back over to find that it had come in! Carved pumpkins and squash were placed around town and children excitedly played in the park. A woman sat with a suitcase filled with nail polish, ready to paint anyone’s nails that would pay her.

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We loaded the large box with the engine in it, into the water taxi, and made our way back to Tanda Malaika.


When we reached the marina, the creatures were standing ready to help haul it out and assist in setting it up.

FullSizeRender-472   FullSizeRender-475

As soon as Danny had it set properly, we tried it out by cruising around the mangroves.

FullSizeRender-473   FullSizeRender-476

FullSizeRender-464    FullSizeRender-467


When we rounded the corner to re enter the marina, the sky was so beautiful.

  FullSizeRender-465    FullSizeRender-463

The engine worked wonderfully!

We all got busy with our costumes for the marina Halloween party…

DSC_0048-1Danny was a Male (Mail) Model

DSC_0045-1Skyler a football player

DSC_0044-1Mycah was Minnie Mouse

DSC_0042-1Emma was a Conspiracy Theorist

DSC_0040-2Aidan the tourist

DSC_0039-2Jonathan the pirate

DSC_0036-3Jude is Forest Gump, and I was a jellyfish.

We had a great time at the party, and Danny and I won a meal at the local restaurant for our costumes.


Danny and I had so many cruisers approach us and commend us on what amazing children we have. We are told many times that each of them are such wonderful individuals and so polite and sweet. They make us proud, and we are so grateful for their presence in our lives.  All 11 of them!

Another wonderful day has come to a close here in Panama. And now a wonderful night night so sleep restfully awaits. Rest well everyone.

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