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I failed to mention in yesterdays post that as a family we had a “Removing of stitches party.” I had 5 stitches, so we asked the creatures who would like to learn to take stitches out, and Emma immediately jumped up and came over. Everyone gathered around and Danny explained how to do it, and Emma confidently sat down and removed one of them. Next was Mycah, who was just as confident and successful as Emma. Next was Aidan, who did the job without a word, then with a green face moved inside to sit down before he threw up and passed out. Jonathan did quite splendidly, and finally Jude sat down and said, ‘Oh no Mom, I can’t do this.’ She looked away and said she felt she was going to be ill, then picked up the tweezers once more and as she snipped the end of the stitch off, she kept exclaiming how terrible this was. Finally she just couldn’t take anymore and left to join Aidan. Danny finished her stitch. Skyler observed it all with a smile.

This morning I woke up with a really sore throat and that achy feeling that leaves you wanting to roll over and go back to sleep. My sweet mum immediately went to town on rubbing me down with her doterra oils to the point where I felt like a greased pig ready for the fryer….not to mention the intense aroma that everyone from Bocas to Panama City could smell on me!

There was only one thing to do to make me feel better…put me in the ocean where all mermaids belong! The moment I immersed myself in that wonderful Caribbean water, I felt so much better. Here’s some of what I saw:

GOPR4965    GOPR4964 GOPR4963   GOPR4962GOPR4961GOPR4974

GOPR4973  see the algae ball nestled in the coral?

GOPR4977    GOPR4976 GOPR4981    GOPR5000GOPR4999GOPR4997

GOPR4996    GOPR4995 GOPR4994    GOPR4993 GOPR4992    GOPR5004 GOPR5003    GOPR5002

The cutest thing happened. As I snorkeled along I notice two juvenile fish swimming along with me. The stuck with for a couple hours, sometimes around my legs, sometimes right in front of my mask, and sometimes around my hands. I climbed onto the boat for lunch, then about half an hour later got back in, and they joined up with me again. Later Danny got in, and they joined up with him for a while too.


Later when I got out, they swam with Jude, Emma and Mycah.  So dang cute!

Mommy did so beautifully snorkeling around and admiring the beautiful reef as well. There was lots of fire coral, but we were all able to avoid it. We have become pro’s at identifying it.

This evening the sunset was so beautiful once again.

FullSizeRender-481    FullSizeRender-480

FullSizeRender-479    FullSizeRender-483

FullSizeRender-482    FullSizeRender-484


It kept getting prettier. I am so grateful for my eyesight so that I can see the exquisite beauty that surrounds us. What an incredible world we live in.


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