Day: November 9, 2015

Restful Sabbath

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It’s been a beautiful, calm Sunday here in Panama. It rained hard in the night and continued in a gentle rain this morning. I love the sound it makes falling onto Tanda Malaika as I’m snuggled down in our berth.

We heard from Mommy as she continued to make her way from Panama City to the US, and by the sounds of it, all was going well. We already miss having her around. She should be home a little after 11pm tonight.

This morning Jonathan made an enormous amount of oatmeal for breakfast, and when we’d all eaten our full, I decided to try make cookies out of the large amount of left overs. I added this and that and dropped spoon fulls onto a pan to bake, and a rather odd consistency ‘cookie’ resulted from it. The creatures tried to be polite and eat some. Skyler camouflaged them with peanut butter and said she liked them, and Danny commented that he thinks I may have come up with an entirely new category in baking. After realizing that my concoction was just not going to work, Danny told me he was going to feed the fish and he emptied the bowl out off the back of the boat. He later told me that he thinks we created a new island with the batter he dumped!

We had an enjoyable church service this afternoon. I’m always so touched by the creatures insight and thoughts. I am also extremely touched by Danny’s depth and knowledge, and am grateful to be surrounded by such awesome examples of how I want to be. As a family we discussed ways we can be kind and show love to those we come in contact with, and how we can be of service.

Hopefully this week we will receive the items we ordered so we can set sail for Isla Providencia, and then on to Roatan. Until then, we have plenty of projects and exploring to do….