Anchored in Bocas

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This morning we awoke to a gentle rain which lasted until mid morning. I got busy making coleslaw for part of this evenings dinner, while Danny went out on deck to work on the windlass. Part of what he needed to do involved getting into the foreword starboard lazarette, which currently has a hinge problem. While I was busy in the galley I heard him calling from outside and I sent Jonathan to see what he needed, and the next thing I knew he was walking into the salon with his hands cupped under his bloody nose. The lazarette lid had fallen and part of it hit Danny on the side of the nose, luckily only skinning the side of his nose, but it hurt like heck and bled a lot. We stopped the bleeding and put some antibiotic ointment and pressure on it.

IMG_2978      IMG_2979

Poor guy! He still looks as handsome as ever but has had a stinging nose all day. When the bleeding stopped we put a smaller bandage on it.

While Danny lay down in our berth for a bit the creatures and I started up the engines, threw up the dock lines and made our way in to Bocas. We anchored on the East side of town so that we were close the the place we had to go to mail off a package. The creatures decided to run the errands in town for us, so they loaded up into the dinghy and off they went. Mycah texted from town saying that once again, it was a holiday, and the post office was closed. They are STILL celebrating last weeks Independence Day! The creatures did some grocery shopping and returned to Tanda Malaika.


Mycah and Jude hung the new hammock and Mycah tried it out. She found it to be quite comfy.

FullSizeRender-497    FullSizeRender-496

After eating a late lunch the creatures decided to go back in to Bocas and rent bicycles and cruise around, and Danny and I sat on the bow watching all the busy pangas and people crossing back and forth. Before long we saw a little squall coming our way and figured the creatures would most likely return sooner than later.


It was so beautiful watching it build and move across the water, bringing with it a cool breeze and some refreshing raindrops. Just as quickly as it showed up, it moved through and left. The creatures did return, deciding to bike ride tomorrow instead. We are staying anchored here by Bocas so that tomorrow we can take our chances with mailing the package again…who knows, maybe it won’t be a holiday.

We spoke to Mommy again today, and she is settling back in to life in Idaho. It is difficult emotionally for her to be back, having to face the reality of what’s transpired in our lives over the last few months. It feels like a squall of sorts has moved through our family just as quickly as the one we watched today, and with it, it took two of our precious family members. Now we live in the aftermath and have to try focus on all that is good and beautiful in our lives, rather than the aching we feel in missing Daddy and Jan. I’m finding that there is a very fine line between me being okay, and bursting into tears. Some days I feel like I’m hanging by a thread, suspended over both. I am so grateful for the eternal bonds of love we have between us, and the amazing memories which I relive over and over in my mind.


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