Flying monkeys

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There’s not a whole lot to do here at Shelter Bay. This morning was beautiful and sunny, so we took advantage of it, and spent time on projects and outside activities.

I unscrewed the blinds in our berth, and took them outside to scrub. A little Joy soap in water did splendidly, and they are once again clean and white. I set them out to dry for a bit and have now screwed them back in. I also decided it was a good day to attack Jude and Emma’s toilet. It has a leak, so they haven’t been using it. I undid the bolts around the base and removed the hoses attached. Right where one of the hoses attaches, under the bracket holding it tight, I noticed the it was cracked. I could see from the color of it that water had been leaking from it, so I got the hand saw and cut off the end. I hoped this was going to fix the leak, and put everything back together, but didn’t have the strength to attach the hose I’d cut, so I asked Danny for help. He attached the hose, ran the toilet and saw that it was still leaking from around the macerator, so he put a silicon gasket onto it and is letting it dry for 24 hours. Hopefully that’ll do it.

The creatures did their school work and then all went swimming. This marina has a great pool and hot tub.


While they were doing that, I grabbed my camera and went for a walk into the jungle. The pampas grass was so beautiful. It always reminds me of when Jan and I would break off one of the tall stems and pretend they were swords.

DSC_0001-10      DSC_0003-13  DSC_0002-12     DSC_0004-10

The smells and colors of the rain forest were intense due to the rain. I could smell the rich scent of flowers and decomposing leaves.

DSC_0027-4       DSC_0011-12

DSC_0013-11      DSC_0012-12

DSC_0028-6  DSC_0010-10

I sat and watched leaf cutter ants as they carried their large loads across the road.


I came across a large family of Capuchin monkeys, making their way across the canopy. They jumped one by one from trees on the right side of the road to those on the left, and after jumping they’d stop and look back to make sure the next one was coming, then move on. In the Wizard of Oz movie there are flying monkeys, and I always thought them to be a fictitious species , but today I was proved wrong. I saw flying monkeys and captured in my lens to prove it…

DSC_0016-13     DSC_0021-9

DSC_0022-8     DSC_0023-9

DSC_0024-11     DSC_0020-9

Everywhere I looked I saw beauty – in textures and patterns and color.

DSC_0006-12DSC_0029-6   DSC_0015-12

DSC_0014-9   DSC_0009-12

As I exited the area, I looked back and took note once more of how miraculous nature is. We live in such an incredibly beautiful world, and I found myself softly humming the song ‘What a wonderful world’.

DSC_0026-6     DSC_0005-7

Back at Tanda Malaika, we received an exciting delivery this afternoon. Our new dinghy. It’s still all wrapped up, but hopefully tomorrow it’ll be sunny for a bit and we’ll open it up.

IMG_3074     IMG_3076

We are still waiting for the water maker and batteries, then we can set sail once again.




One thought on “Flying monkeys

    linda govatos said:
    November 18, 2015 at 5:24 am

    Love seeing the beautiful world thru your words, eyes and photos. Working on a toilet….you are my hero!! Keep working on the book, it’s going to be great!\


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