Tired Crew

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We have some friends that have their sailboat docked here at Shelter Bay, and they haven’t been able to get back to it for several months. When they heard that we are here, they asked that we check their boat out for them, so today we spent the day cleaning. After returning to our moldy boat a few weeks ago, we were really sympathetic to what they are feeling right now, so we rolled our sleeves up and got to work. (Actually we were in t-shirts, so no long sleeves to roll up.)

Jude, Mycah and Emma took the interior and worked hard, and will finish tomorrow. Danny got busy on electronics and power to the boat, and Aidan and I cleaned decks and lazarettes.

The pool felt so refreshing when we were done, and after Danny and I staying in it for longer than we should have, we were both so cold. It was only 80 degrees outside so we came in and I bundled up in sweats and a shirt.

Aidan got word that fresh baguettes had been baked and were for sale again in the marina restaurant, and he bolted out of the pool, ran and grabbed money and exclaimed that he’d been waiting 5 days for this, and he bought his own $2 baguettes to eat.


We bought a few for the family too, and Danny roasted some garlic and we dipped the bread into garlic and olive oil. It was delicious. I love this picture of Danny. There’s something quite satisfying (and rare) about seeing my man in the kitchen!


Since everyone had worked hard today and were pretty worn out, I made a big batch of steak fajitas.


Danny and the creatures were so excited, and ate their fill.

Even though it’s not even 8pm yet, Tanda Malaika’s crew are ready for bed! After finishing our friends boat tomorrow, we may set sail for Portabelo. It’s a three hour sail from here and sounds like an interesting place to visit. I’ll keep you posted…


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