Feeding the fish

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Our voyage from Shelter Bay to Bocas took 25 hours. That’s 25 hours of constant large swells, against the current with troubled winds to try work with. It was quite an adventure! I’ve come to realize that photos never do waves justice, and once again, these simply don’t show the size of the swells.

Just as I went to take this third photo, a huge wave splashed over the bow and all the way back to where I was at the helm.


I have never been seasick, and once again didn’t take seasick pills, and neither did Jude. She ended up feeding the fish 4 different times off the stern, and after my watch I returned to my berth and was organizing a few things while being tossed around a little, and all of a sudden became SO nauseous that I had to hurry to the head to throw up. After that I was fine again. There’s a first time for everything!

As the sun grew closer to set, the waters calmed slightly for a short while, and I felt such incredible peace and gratitude on the water.


I walked around to port side and the creatures were all sitting watching out over the ocean in the setting sun, singing out loud into the wind.


In the afternoon of the following day, as we came into the calmer water close to Red Frog Marina, the sun was close to setting and greeted us with a welcoming warmth.


After docking, the creatures took a bucket of soapy water and washed down all the metal on Tanda Malaika, and then Jude followed with a hose and gave her a good spray down. Our showers felt so good, and so did our beds.

Since we were sailing on Thanksgiving, we decided to cook our Thanksgiving meal today. With our tiny propane oven, it too 10 hours to prepare the food, but everyone felt like it was worth the wait. Danny worked so hard for his meal, pulling down ceiling panels in our berth trying to find a leak that left our sheets wet on our crossing. He found the leak around our stern window and removed all the old calking so he can replace it with new tomorrow.

I am so grateful for my family. I have the best 11 creatures anyone could ever wish for, and a husband whom I love so deeply. I have been blessed with amazing parents and siblings and have experienced good health and energy to enjoy life with. I am a blessed woman.


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