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Yesterday morning we raised the anchor and set out on our two hour journey to Almirante. Our plan was to be anchored by 10am, take the dinghy in and dock and then hike to the church house in time for our 11am meeting. All went as planned as we motored along – since there was no wind to sail, until our engines began acting up and then dying. Danny got to work doing his stealthy ninja stuff and his diagnosis was that we had filled Tanda Malaika with bad fuel. One of the engines ran, but at a snails pace, and by the time we reached Almirante, it was too late for church! We figured we’d take the dinghy in anyway and search for what we needed to work on Tanda Malaika.

Almirante is an extremely poor little town with run down homes that seem to defy gravity to keep standing. The people are so friendly and happy, and eager to help.



After lunch the creatures gathered up clothing that they had outgrown, and bagged up candy, and set out in the dinghy among the homes to distribute it among the locals. All the homes have outhouses built over the water, where sewer is simply washed away in the ocean.



They were met with broad smiles, teary eyes and sincere thank you’s. Our creatures have seen this kind of poverty many times as we have worked in orphanages and traveled,and are always so humbled by it, and Skyler was really touched by it and commented about how ridiculous she feels for ever complaining about frivolous things like a cell phone. Everyone discussed ways they could collect clothing (especially children’s clothing), and small toys to continue to give as we sail the world.
On our return to Bocas, the wind picked up beautifully and with raised mainsail and unfurled jib, we moved along at 8 knots. While underway,  right before we raised the sail, Jude went up the mast to fix the stack pack which had issues, and between her, Danny and Jonathan, they were able to get things back to where they needed to be.


Danny taught Jude how to tie a lure on and we once again fished with no success!

Once we anchored in Bocas, and after a pleasant down pour, a beautiful rainbow arched over head, and a spotted eagle ray leaped out of the water, splashed back down, and then leaped out once again. It was the most beautiful sight, which unfortunately I did not catch on camera….but I will someday.


The creatures have discovered a hot dog stand in Bocas, where the most delicious hot dogs are served with onions grilled and chopped up with cheese on top, covered in ketchup, mustard, mayo, pineapple sauce and picante sauce, then covered in crumbled potato chips. They are the most delicious hot dogs ever, and after returning from Bocas with one for each of us, they returned to get everyone a second one. The little man running the hot dog stand ran out of hot dogs and had to break out a fresh stash of frankfurters to grill up.

We stayed anchored outside of Bocas, so that we could grab mail and supplies this morning, then head back to Red Frog to continue installing the water maker tomorrow.

I have to add that I am so amazed at my sweet husband. For three solid days now, from the second he wakes to the minute he falls asleep at night, he has had absolute non stop projects to fix and work on on the boat, and he is so incredibly patient. He moves from one tiring thing to the next with a smile, a loving look in his eyes, and usually a humorous comment to top it off. If we don’t have the correct parts to fix something he rigs up some genius remedy that completely solves the problem. I am so grateful for him, for his love and for his beautiful mind.

Tonight we go to sleep filled with gratitude for another beautiful day of life, and for all that we have been blessed with.


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