Panda Express

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This morning I awoke at about 6:30 and lay thinking about all sorts of things as I watched my Sweetheart sleeping so peacefully. (He looks adorable when he sleeps) I thought about how hard he and the creatures have been working the past few days, and tried to think of something extra delicious I could surprise them with for dinner. One of their favorite fast food places in the US is Panda Express, where they love the Orange Chicken, so I decided to make it for dinner tonight.

As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE being a wife and a mother. It thrills me. Part of what I really love to do, is prepare wonderful things for them to eat. I love to see them loving their food and treats, and the whole day today as I was busy helping Danny with the water maker, all I could think about was making them Orange Chicken. When Danny woke this morning I excitedly told him what I wanted to do, and he found the recipe on line for me.

The big job for the creatures today, aside from school work and regular chores, was to lift up all the wood flooring in the stern salon, carry it down onto the dock and scrub it down, stain it with teak oil, and also scrub down the area where the wood flooring had been. It’s a big job. Skyler had a migraine and slept most of the day, but the rest of them worked so hard and did an amazing job with cheerful attitudes.


When they got done the wood flooring looked quite spiffy!

When all was put away, Danny and I took the creatures up to Castaways, the little restaurant here in the marina, for root beer floats. They were so appreciative and enjoyed every drop.

FullSizeRender-602 FullSizeRender-603

Danny and I continued on with water maker installation, and made a lot of progress. I have decided to call Danny ‘Flubber,’ because it amazes me how such a big guy can squeeze into the tiniest of places. It’s a good thing he’s not claustrophobic!


Finally the time came that I had been waiting for all day…time to make the Orange Chicken. I had the entire galley to myself and chopped and mixed and cooked and finally rang the dinner bell. Everyone walked in to sit down saying ‘Oh my goodness that smells so good, what is it?’ Aidan walked in and said, ‘Oh yum I smell Orange Chicken!’ When the creatures saw what it was I thought Jude was going to tear up with joy as she kept saying ‘Ohhhhh Mama! Ohhhh Mamma!’ It made me so happy to see them so happy, and was most definitely worth all the effort.


In case I hadn’t made it clear, I love my family so much, and am so incredibly grateful for them. How did I get so lucky?



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