Project water maker, complete!

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I wanted everyone to wake up to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls this morning, so I got to work in the galley.

FullSizeRender-624     FullSizeRender-625

I baked 4 sheets of them, and by midday, 2 of them had been devoured. Everyone obviously really enjoyed the special treat!

Aside from church, our major project for today was to finish installing the water maker. Dennis, the local mechanic/handyman, came over and he was really impressed with Danny’s work. The two of them worked together and completed the final touches.

IMG_3372    FullSizeRender-627

It was so exciting to watch wonderful clean water pouring out of the test spout. It’s so amazing that we can take salty water from the ocean around us, and within an hour have 30-35 gallons of fresh drinking water.


We have been watching marine weather reports through the day, and it appears that quite possibly, tomorrow might not be the day to set sail. Tuesday is looking more favorable. We will leave Red Frog Marina for the last time tomorrow and anchor in Bocas to meet with the port captain to check out of Panama. Who knows, maybe while in Bocas we may even get Danny, Jonathan and Aidan’s hair cut. They are all sporting some bushy do’s.

I’ve had my Dad and Brother on my mind so much. I look at photos of them and still can’t believe that they are really gone. I was talking to Danny this evening and saying that I think subconsciously, I’m expecting them to be there next time I return to the US. At Idahoan where my Dad worked, they have set up a scholarship fund in his name. I am so proud to be his daughter and I miss him so much. As far as Jan goes, I can’t think of him for too long at all without tearing up and feeling that intense aching that I’ve become so familiar with. I just want to hear his voice once more. Life moves forward, and I am trying to catch up, but my heart is lagging far behind.


2 thoughts on “Project water maker, complete!

    zoannkeck said:
    December 7, 2015 at 3:14 am

    he is with you and your family every day. I promise. I can’t imagine the ache you feel. I love you.

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