Arriving in Roatan, Honduras

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Our sail to Roatan was a short 6 hour sail. I have been to Roatan on 3 different occasions on dive trips, but had obviously never sailed in, so to come in from sea was really interesting for me to see it from a different angle.


When we got close the girls decided to shave their beautiful crop of leg hair on the stern. They crack me up. Mycah of course, had to come to Danny and I, and proudly show us how incredibly smooth her skin was.


When coming in close to shore, it made us really appreciate our accurate charts, as we were surrounded by extremely shallow reef. At times we made our way through 15 – 20 ft water. It also helps immensely that Danny is a ninja pilot and is really good at reading charts! We radioed in to our friends, Debbie and Steve, who were docked in the marina, and they told us of a couple buoys we’d come across and which side to stay on since it wasn’t marked well.

The water here is incredibly clear. Even as we passed over 30-50ft areas we could clearly see bottom.




The creatures perched themselves out on the bow to help watch for coral heads.



The marina here is interesting in that there isn’t the usual dock layout, but rather a single dock skirting the island. We docked with the help of Debbie, Steve and Aussie Tim, just a couple boats ahead of where ‘Delphinia’ is. (Debbie and Steve’s boat)



After giving our friends big hugs, and Aussie Tim handing everyone cold glasses of Sprite, the creatures set out to find monkeys and cool off in the glorious water. Danny and I had to be responsible parents and get things set up and join everyone on the bus ride to the local grocery store – which only happens once a week. We provisioned well and stowed it all away back on Tanda Malaika. Danny left messages with someone that was suggested to look at our sail drive.

I cooked up steak fajitas which everyone enjoyed, and we watched an amazing sunset off our stern.


Tomorrow it’s going to hard for anyone to get Danny and I out of the water. Aside from having to check in with customs and immigration, we plan on diving, refilling tanks, and diving some more. I can’t wait to show everyone an airplane and a ship wreck close by.


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