Day: December 21, 2015

Leaving Roatan

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Our time in Roatan has come to an end, much to our dismay. We would live to stay much longer and continue to explore and spend time with these beautiful people.

Aidan, Emma, Jonathan and I had such an awesome day on Saturday. Jude, Skyler and Mycah went to the beach with their friends, and while they were gone we dove the wrecks and some ‘Mayan Ruins’. All three of them loved the wreck, and Aidan surfaced exclaiming that he wants to salvage wrecks as a career. I am impressed with my awesome little divers, they did so well on air consumption and buoyancy. They make their Mama proud!

GOPR5201  GOPR5266

GOPR5265  GOPR5267

Aidan has been wanting to see a lion fish, and we found a beautiful one at about 25ft on a free dive. That’s one more item checked off his bucket list.


I took them to see the giant green moray, and right after leaving it, a beautiful big Spotted Eagle Ray glided past with a Remora stuck to its belly.



Yesterday, the eight of us piled into a taxi and went in to church. The service was beautiful. They provided translators for almost everyone, which was much appreciated. An elder who translated everything, spoke into a contraption which our family could hear through headphones.


Last night our wonderful friends, Martin and Dunbar, came over for steak fajitas and great conversation. Martin and his wife, Kym, own a beautiful Lagoon 560, named Amara.  They have been sailing for a while and have their catamaran listed for sale now. We will catch up with them again in Mexico.


The monkeys have continued to bond with the creatures, and just get cuter every day. Yesterday I was walking along when I saw Cheeky, the baby, placing his hand along the fascia of a hotel building to collect water, then he sucked it off his fingers. I stood below him and tapped my shoulder while calling his name, and he immediately jumped onto me and I walked over to a faucet, dribbled water into my cupped hand, and he drank to his hearts content. Afterward her looked me in the yes, then rubbed his cheek against mine, and jumped into a nearby tree.

Danny and I are about to head into Coxen Hole this morning, to check out with the Port Master and Immigration. After that we’ll grab some fresh fruit and veggies, then set sail for Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It should take us about 2 full days. It is here that our niece, Skyler will leave us, and our awesome friends, the Nel Family, will join us for a week on Tanda Malaika. According to the weather, we should have 8 – 20 knot winds the entire time, so hopefully our sails will be full, as well as our fishing hooks. I am so excited to use a magnificent reel and lure that Danny bought for me, and have no doubt that I’ll be posting pictures of all sorts of Mahi Mahi and other scrumptious critters.