Farewell to the Nells

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Our last couple of days with the Nell family have continued to be wonderful. Their youngest son, Glade, turned 13, and wanted pizza for dinner. Marci found a place to order from that makes amazing pizza and garlic twists that were to die for.


Danny and I had to catch a ferry in to Cancun to take care of paperwork, and I have decided that Cancun is just too big of a city for me. Small, sparsely inhabited islands are the perfect pace.


Thousands of people scurried back and forth, and cars and taxi’s flew by. The air smelled like exhaust and stale air, and people seemed stressed and preoccupied…so different to what we’ve been living in.

We returned andmeandered through Isla Mujeres once more, admiring the brightly colored streets, homes and stores, and breathed in the beauty of the ocean.



FullSizeRender-743  FullSizeRender-741


The sunsets have been spectacular every night as we’ve looked out over the marina. Masts stand tall and proud on their vessels, and Frigate birds rests on the lines of a schooner. Tanda Malaika always looks beautiful silhouetted against the burned orange of the sunset.



Today after the Nell’s left, the creatures moped around for a bit and then our neighbor, Mindy, came over and said she absolutely loves our kids and wants to take them all to lunch.


While they were all gone, Danny cleaned out the lazarette that we keep all the engine juices in, and then we took the opportunity to go on a date. We loaded into the ‘car’ and drove over to a place close by and tied off at a dock.


The ground was deep with beautiful, white beach sand, and we sunk our bare feet into it and enjoyed each others company.


I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband, who takes my breath away on a regular basis, and loves me so deeply.

This evening we are sitting looking out over the water, as Mycah sings to us on the ukulele. The only sounds aside from her song, are a gentle lapping  of water against the shore, and the occasional rustling of palm fronds in the breeze. A warm, soft, inviting glow is filtering through Tanda Malaikas windows, calling us to come in to be rocked to sleep once again.




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