Leaving Mexico

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In preparation to leave this beautiful little island, yesterday we made our final rounds. Mycah and Aidan went to the grocery store with me for some provisions, and we had to walk through hundreds of students all dressed in uniform, since school started up again today.


It reminded me of my school days in South Africa, and the uniforms we were there.

Aidan and Mycah were amazed at the size of the cabbages in the produce section. They were about the size of basketballs.


The creatures set out to explore one last time while we did a few things on the boat. Danny has hurt his lower back and has had to rest it a bit, but after a while we took the dinghy and met them in town.

DSC_0020-16 DSC_0016-19

DSC_0015-17      DSC_0017-15

The creatures were ranting and raving about crepes they’d eaten with ‘special’ cheese and nutella in the middle, and wanted Danny and I to try them. It’s a good thing we only paid 25 pesos ($1.50), because neither of us could figure out why on earth they liked them so much.

DSC_0022-13  DSC_0025-11 DSC_0026-12

We had to grab one last ice cream come so we could leave with a good taste in our mouths. I have decided that the best combination of flavors are Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello.


On our dinghy ride back to Tanda Malaika, we enjoyed one more breathtaking sunset. The colors were so rich and warm and cast a gorgeous glow across the water.


Today we will set sail for the Florida keys, which should take us about 2.2 days. According to the weather we should have 8-20 knot winds and gentle swells. We are all itching to get back on the road! Though marina life has its perks, being under sail is where these sailors are most happy. Once we install our new lithium ion batteries in Florida, we won’t have to be in a marina again if we don’t want to, which will save us the cost. Life is good, and we are grateful for it.

On to the next adventures for this tribe!!!



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