Beautiful morning

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Yesterday morning our beautiful friend/adopted sister, Tonya, drove all the way from Fort Lauderdale to be with us. Danny and some of the creatures and I were busy reanchoring when she arrived, so we sent the twins in the dinghy to pick her up. It has been so wonderful to have her with us. We have already talked, cried, laughed and played games, and we still have another awesome day to look forward to with her today!


I feel so bad for Jude, because not only is she dealing with a sprained ankle, but over the last 4 days she has developed itchy blisters allover her legs. We don’t know what caused it, possibly ‘swimmers itch’, but Jude has more self control than anyone I know. Somehow she is for the most part, able to not scratch. We are going to try find a Dermatologist to look at her to today.

It blew and rained hard for a while yesterday, and looked so beautiful as the rain pelted down over the water. We stayed inside and I tried out a new French Bread recipe, which according to the tribe, is a keeper. Last night I grated fresh garlic and spread it on the French Bread with softened butter, and we ate it up with spaghetti.

FullSizeRender-788   FullSizeRender-786

An installer came on board for a while and spent time with Danny calculating what we use in a day, so we know what size solar system to install. He will be helping to install our batteries as soon as the system for them is calculated and designed.

Jonathan and the twins volunteered to take all the laundry in the dinghy and go into the marina and do it. They were gone for quite some time, and eventually I received a phone call from Emma, saying they had run out of gas on their way home. Luckily we keep an extra tank of gas tucked away in the forward dinghy locker, so they were able to funnel it in and continue on home. What great creatures.

This morning I awoke to watch the sunrise, and it was calm and beautiful.


Hopefully today will be a little dryer so we can dry Tanda Malaika out and enjoy some sunshine. I am so grateful for another day of life.




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