Glimpse of sunshine

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Yesterday we found out that the sun does actually shine in Florida, and it was beautiful! The first order of business was to get Jude to a doctor to advise us on what to do for her blisters, which were still so itchy all over her legs. The blisters resemble those that one would get from poison ivy. No Dermatology offices were open, and the next best thing was a clinic in Big Pine Key, so we piled into Tonya’s car and drove down there to find out that that clinic had closed (even though online it said it was open).  Driving over 7 mile bridge was beautiful with the brilliant blue skies and gorgeous, calm waters. The old 7 mile bridge ran parallel to the one we were on, and I imagined my Dad riding his Harley down that exact highway when he did his ride to Key West and back, from Idaho Falls. He rode solo for over 7000 miles.

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We pulled in to a Walgreens and I spoke with the Pharmacist, showing her Jude’s blisters and explained the situation, and she recommended a concoction of a couple cremes, which we tried and have seen some good progress for the first time. The creatures loved being in Walgreens! It was the first fancy US store they’d seen in a while, and came away with lots of candy.


When we returned to Tanda Malaika, Danny told us that the marina office had radioed him, saying they had a mooring ball for us to tie up to. With all hands on deck, we handed Tonya the boat hook and Jude and I each grabbed a line, and we set off to mooring ball ‘W8’ to moor. With Danny at the helm, Tanda Malaika lined up perfectly and Tonya, taking her job seriously and doing a great job, caught the line on her first try and Jude and I hooked us up.

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We are so grateful that a mooring ball had become available, because a huge storm with crazy winds was expected to arrive soon. When Danny and I went in to the marina office to do the paperwork, we dropped Jonathan, Mycah and the twins off to spend some time at the skate park.


Late in the afternoon, everyone prepared their boats for the storm, closing hatches, tying things down, raising dinghy’s, and throwing extra anchors out. The rain arrived in a fantastic downpour, and once again everything was power washed clean.


In the night the wind blew over 35 knots, tornado warnings were issued, and it rained hard. I woke several times as Danny climbed back into bed and watched the weather patterns on his ipad, and this morning when I woke at 6am, I found out that he had not slept at all. He had been watching over our home and family all through the night while everyone slept soundly. He takes such good care of us.

Tonya has to return to Fort Lauderdale today, and invited all the creatures to join her so she can show them a little more of Florida. They, of course jumped at the chance. Jude is flying out of Miami on Wednesday to spend some time with friends of ours in St George, Utah, and Tonya will return with the other 4 creatures after taking her to the airport. She’s such an Angel to help us out. This morning in the rain and wind, we loaded into the dinghy, with backpacks in big black garbage bags, and took the wet ride in to the dinghy dock.


It was rough saying ‘see you later’ to my sweet Jude. She is not only wonderful to have around because of her sailing knowledge, but she adds so much light and goodness to every day of life. I am going to miss her so much. I will also miss the other 4 creatures but am so glad they are going to have fun with Aunt Tonya, and I know I’ll see them in a couple of days.

Tanda Malaika is going to be so quiet. Danny and I will keep busy with boat work, and loving each others company.


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    zoannkeck said:
    January 17, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    st george? soooo close…mmmm i am going to have to think.


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