So quiet…

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Having no creatures around leaves Tanda Malaika a little too quiet.

Yesterday Danny and I rented a couple of bicycles and peddled to KMart – the only store of its kind on Marathon Key, and picked up a few things we’ve been needing for some time. With bags hanging on our handle bars, in our baskets and my backpack full, we peddled home.

Tonya sent me this photo, saying that she is loving having the creatures there with her. I know they are thoroughly enjoying their time too.


She took Jude to the doctor where she was diagnosed with Impetigo. A bacterial infection caused most likely by bug bites in Mexico. Jude got a shot in the rear end and is now on antibiotics, and should be all fixed up in no time at all.

While the creatures have been gone I have been on an organizing streak. I have cleaned out the Navigation station, the shelves in the salon, some kitchen cupboards, the fishing gear and the games shelf. It’s amazing to me how much we have in our homes that we don’t need. It piles up because we think we’ll use it sometime soon, then years pass and it’s all still there with more piled on top. Living on a boat provides the perfect opportunity to dejunk and keep things simple. I love it. I love throwing things away or donating them.

I also love having this time with my sweet Darling. Danny is the best companion and friend any woman could ever wish for. I am a blessed woman.

Jude asked me to send her pictures of sailboats while she’s gone, and here’s the one I sent her this morning.


The sky was so beautiful with bright feathery clouds. The air is cool and a soft wind is still blowing.


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