Day: January 22, 2016


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Our road trip was so fun! As we made our way through the Everglades we noticed that the banks of the water way next to the highway was full of alligators. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Danny stopped the car and we jumped out with cameras in hand and ran over as close as we could get. It’s a good thing that a chain link fence was between me and the water, because I would most definitely have waded in as far as I could for a good shot. I told Danny that one of my bucket list items is to jump on an alligator or crocodiles back, wrap my arms around its snout and legs around its belly and hold on as long as I can. I would hope to have a few good scars to show for it. Unfortunately I’m going to have to wait for another day.

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By the time we got done watching alligators and then worked our way through crazy traffic, the battery store was closed. Thanks to Danny’s free hotel room points he’s earned, we got a room at a little hotel called Coconut Cove. The kids were excited to see that they had a ‘heated’ pool, and ran down stairs to swim for a bit.


The creatures noticed that our balcony was right above the pool and had all sorts of fantastic ideas about bombing into it, but were thankfully disappointed when they realized that the shallow end was under our room.  It wasn’t long before they were back up at the room because they were frozen stiff.

We woke up first thing this morning and made our way to Lithionics to pick up our batteries. Danny was so excited. We met in a conference room and they explained the system to us, and although most of it was way over my head, I found it fascinating. They each weigh 140lbs and fit nicely in our spiffy minivan. (I will write more on the batteries later)

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The creatures and I had never been to a Krispy Kremes store, so Danny stopped by one. The hot donuts melted in our mouths. We loved watching them being made and glazed, all shiny and delicious.

IMG_4101    IMG_4103

On our way home we passed over beautiful bridges which connect all the Keys. The scenery was gorgeous.


DSC_0018-19      DSC_0019-19

The many shades of blue out on the water is so pretty, and made us long to be back at sea again.


Finally we reached Marathon Key where we call home right now.


The next trick was to load the batteries into the dinghy to bring them back to Tanda Malaika. Between Danny, Jonathan and Mycah’s rippling muscles, they got the job done.

IMG_4106  IMG_4108

The setting sun on the anchorage was gorgeous, and finally reaching our girl sitting quietly in the water was a beautiful thing.



Regardless of where it is at the time, there is simply no place like home.