Day: January 26, 2016


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Have I mentioned that my husband is a genius? Just as soon as he’s impressed me to the max, he does something even more amazing than ever before, and today once again he was mind blowing.

I’ve mentioned in the past that several months ago we ordered lithium-ion batteries, which is in part why we sailed to Florida. (To avoid crazy shipping costs it was worth our time to sail here to pick them up.) Lithionics is the company in Clearwater, Florida, where we ordered them from. We have been very impressed with the lithium ion batteries because they are far superior in power as well as ability to store energy, are much lighter in weight and are extremely durable. We own (2) 600 amp hour batteries, which replaced 3 lead acid batteries. All 3 lead acid batteries, were supposed to produce a total of 600 amp hours, and now with just 2 lithium ions we have 1200 amp hours. If you’re interested in reading more, go to or give Danny a call because he knows them inside and out.

Our day started with Danny doing his McGuiver thing and working in tiny spaces accomplishing great things. First we pulled apart the main salon to expose all areas where we had to run wires.


DSC_0032-9   DSC_0033-9

Then Danny pulled out the 3 old lead acid batteries.

IMG_4136   DSC_0035-3

We walked into town to rent an electric saw so he could make some changes to the battery locker for the new ones to fit.


I was close by his side the whole day, handing tools and cheering him on. Every once in a while a creature would pop up from out of nowhere.


I did help in preparing the cable, adding the connectors and shrink wrapping the ends. I love doing that shrinking thing with a lighter!

DSC_0038-10   DSC_0039-7

Finally it was time for Jonathan, Mycah and Danny to carry the 140 lb batteries to the battery locker and install them.

DSC_0042-6   DSC_0043-8


As time went on and the sun set, Danny broke out his head lamp and continued to work. We had turned all power to Tanda Malaika off so once the sun set, Danny was working in the dark.

DSC_0041-7   IMG_4141

Finally, after several hours of back breaking work, the moment of truth arrived, and Danny flipped switches and Bob’s your uncle! We had battery power! We are so excited, and so very proud of him. The installer was going to charge us $1000 to install them, and Danny was able to do the job beautifully.

That’s one more major project down! There are many more to go, and it’s all exciting and one big adventure.