Scrubbing decks

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This morning the forecast called for a sunny day with showers late in the afternoon, and that’s exactly what we had.

While the sun was out the creatures and I grabbed buckets, brushes, ‘Bar keepers friend’, and diluted bleach in spray bottles, and got to work on deck.


We scrubbed and sprayed until Tanda Malaika looked beautifully clean, and then Aidan and Emma climbed into the dinghy to scrub green slimy grassy looking growth off the starboard hull.

IMG_4182   IMG_4183

We usually take care of this project down in the water, but since the ocean temperature is so cold here, they tried it from the dinghy, which proved to be quite difficult. They had difficulty holding on to Tanda Malaika as well as scrubbing at the same time. By the time they were done, their bodies, the dinghy and their brushes were so caked with the green hairy monster stuff (which doesn’t have a pleasant smell), that they took showers out on the stern. Jonathan and Mycah scrubbed port side, and also did a fantastic job.

This morning Mycah asked me if she could get me anything, and I playfully told her that she could make me a kabob. The next thing I knew, she handed me a kabob made with tootsie rolls and banana! What a nut…a creative one at that! Danny had fun chomping away on that.


In the late afternoon I dropped the creatures off at the dinghy dock so they could go to the skate park, and returned to make a salad for our pot luck get together at the church. Danny had been down for a nap for a couple of hours already, and after taking care of some things in the galley and salon, I went to check on him just as a huge downpour hit. It rained so hard, and looked absolutely beautiful across the water. I called Mycah and asked if I needed to go get them, but she said they had taken cover and were fine, so Danny and I prepared things for our outing and after a while set out in the dinghy to make our way over to the church through the crazy downpour. Just as we were about to make the last turn in to the dinghy dock we notice an older couple rowing, because their motor had died. We offered to tow them to their boat, which was clear past our boat and farther down in the mooring field. They were very appreciative, and we felt so grateful that we have a reliable dinghy and motor so that we can help people in need.


Once we arrived at their boat, they offered us rum, which we politely declined, and then set out back to the dinghy dock. The rain stopped and the sky looked so beautiful.


Our time at the church was really enjoyable, and afterward Danny, Mycah and a friend we met, played and sang on the ukes and guitars. They all sounded so good.


I received a text from our friends in St George where Jude is visiting, including a photo of her shooting. She is having a great time.


We have now returned home and a gentle rain is once again falling, and Tanda Malaika is moving slowly on the ripples of the water. It all creates the perfect environment to lay down, close our eyes and drift off to sleep. Perhaps tomorrow we will see a sunny day once again.




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